I Miss Breastfeeding

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Stephanie - November 23

I had my baby 8 weeks ago and breasfed her the whole time. I wanted to continue but I had to get on the pill and also take some anti-depression meds. Doc. advised me to try to stop because the bc pills would make my milk dry up anyway..... I didn't realize it then but I really miss br___tfeeding. It was always a hassel and very inconvienient but looking back now, it was the sweetest thing. Holding her close to me and feeling her body next to mine. Not to mention the fact that it was free. Anyone else ever felt like that after stopping br___tfeeding?


Heather - November 23

That's why you hold her close - and feed her with a bottle. That baby is still as sweet, and loves you just as much.


Stephanie - November 23

I know...I do that now, but something about b___stfeeding I really miss. Maybe it's because she sleeps with me and at night it was sooo easy just to whip it out and feed her in the bed. Thanks so much for your encouragment. When are you due?


christy - November 23

Hey stephanie, I remember feeling the same way with my daughter years ago. Just try to remember it's more important for her to have a happy, healthy mother and it's very important for you to have your meds. Good luck.


Jamie - November 23

You CAN b___stfeed again - just start nursing her; the nipple stimulation will cause relactation. I don't know why your doctor told you to stop just cause of birth control pills. I've been on the pill for 2 months now with no decrease of supply.


Stephanie - November 23

to Jamie....are you serious....i can get it started again? I am on ortho-tricyclene. What are you on?


Christy - November 23

Would it be safe to b___stfeed taking the depression meds? Maybe thats why they advised you stop.


Stephanie - November 23

The meds i am on is lexapro....that doesn't get into b___stmilk....Its one of a few that's safe to take while b___stfeeding.



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