I Need A Name For My Son

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catherine - December 17

im 27 and have 2 girls prescilla annai who is 7 and starrlah charm who is 3. im 8 months pregnant with my son and need a name plz help!


F R I E N D - December 17

Clint, or how about Hunter, or Jayson or Andrew and you could call him Andy, or maybe you could name him after one of the Apostles; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. these are just suggestions off the top of my head but i could come up with more if you're still searching. They have books at the book stores for names for your coming child. Also you could check websites for suggestions for names. I am partial to Jayson James for a boy and I am partial to Sarah Belle.


kiki - December 17

how about gino or james thomas


lilmama - December 18

just had a boy! I named him cody alexander, our other choices were seth, logan, ethan, cole,


Zoe - December 18

How about something like: Alec Adam Matt Ian Jon Nick Joey Gaz Paul These are all commen English names


kate - December 18

Tad, Tobias(Toby)..with your daughters' names a boy's T name sounds nice.Amos, Dorian, Elliot, Keegan, Luther or Lex, Nate, Oscar, Rex, Simon, Wyatt.


kerrie - December 20

heres a few kyle, jaiden, coby, chase, brandon,kobe,kayden,devon,dominic, calum , cam'ron, dylan, these are all the ones i had for my boy im 36 wks and iv picked his name now


susan - December 20

Jacob is my sons name and everyone in 1999 had that name too:)


neil - December 21

we did not have a name for ages then we were doing somethink and a name just come from nowhere and we went with that


anon - December 21

How about Jesse James and then whatever your last name is (like for example: Jesse James Smith


LOVE - December 26



kate - December 27

Nice names Pam!! To the suggestion of Jesse James...I thought this was an outlaw...I'd pa__s on that.Flip through the old testament for great names.


deb - December 27

here are a few suggestions... Reyner, Thomas, Xavier


stacy - December 28

for a boy i like the names dakota, austin, jack, max and tyler. just a few suggestions.


stacy - December 28

i like the names tyler, austin , and dakota,jack and max. my daughter was going to be tyler joseph.....since she was a girl we named her skylar rose. :)


M.C - December 29

Caine or mckinley caine is my son's name and mckinley will be the next if i have a boy


emma - December 29

i called my son craig,as it was a nice name but isnt used that often,hope this may help



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