I Need A Severe Cold Remedy

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Andrea - May 12

I have this horrible head cold. I am sixteen weeks along. My doctor does not want me to take any over the counter meds because I have had trouble with miscarriages and bleeding in the past. Does anyone know of anything that I can do to kick this? Being four months pregnant and chasing after my five year old and four year old is really getting hard with this cold weighing me down!!!!


Angel - May 12

Take lemon and honey that helps me alot during my first trimester.


Jenn... - May 13

Try one of those vicks humidifers from wal-mart I think they are $12. It worked wonders for me.


Jessie - May 13

It sounds odd but it really works. A cup of hot waster coffee cup size, squeeze a half fresh lemon in to it, with 4 tbs of honey and sprinkle some ground Cayenne red pepper on it. IT WORKS. I swear by it. I had a really bad nasty cold, my father who is a nutritionist made this for me and I felt soooooooo much better. At first it was hard to drink because of the unusual taste but after a few sips I LOVED IT. What it does it the heat from the hot water and the spice of the pepper help decongest you. The lemon carries lots a vitamin c that helps you fight the cold and also helps with the decongestant, the honey just tastes good. Give it a try you will feel so much better half way through your cup. The good thing about this is there is no limit to the amount you can drink.


Andrea - May 13

Thanks for your ideas. I am using all of them and already I feel sooooo much better :o)


Julie - May 13

On my doctors list you can take Robitussin, Halls lozenges, Tylenol, Sinutab, Sudafed, Benadryl and Saline nasal sprays. I hope this helps my doctor says these are all safe!


Jbear - May 15

I had a terrible cold the last three days. I took echinacea and garlic as well as sudafed and tylenol, and my cold is nearly gone.


k - May 15

Jessie, i have made your formula in the past and it does work. It's not as great as taking otc's, but it helps, and it's ok for the baby. Yeah, i believe that is the deal with cold otc's, like when you're pregnant, your cervix and your nose are related in a way. They're made up of similar tissue, which is why you experience nasal congestion through pregnancy, the same hormones which 'talk' to your cervix also talk to your nose. The later in pregnancy you get, your nose gets a little bigger too. Same with your cervix. So otc's for sinus stuff will/can have the same affect on your nasal as well as the cervix. Try some eye drops to soothe your eyes, put hot wash cloths over your nose to relieve congestion, or saline drops, and try some of Jessie's tea!



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