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Andrea - June 29

Hello everyone. I am 16 years old and 6 months pregnant with a girl. We will name her Olivia Jayde. Anyways, i need some advice... I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and we tried to have a baby for about 1 year and nothing happened. His father had trouble having kids and i guess he is too. Anyways we tried for a long time and nothing happened, and then one night i made a HUGE mistake that i will regret for the rest of my life, i cheated on my boyfriend only 1 time and now im pregnant. I didnt know the exact date of my period, but i had s_x with the other guy around the same time i concieved ( within 1 week) what are the chances of my boyfriend being the father??? Is it still possible? I have told my boyfriend and were going to get a dna test but i was just wondering. We both so badly want him to be the father, what are the chances of trying for 1 yr and nothing happening and then 1 time i cheat and now im pregnant! please some advice... thank you!!


Gina - June 29

Chances are exactly that-chances and they do happen- gl2u2 and question if is okay?- why are you purposely trying to get pregnant at 16 and have been doing so for that last year?


.............................. - June 29

It's normal for healthy couples to take a year to get pregnant. You sound like you have some growing up to do though. Hopefully this child will make you realise that. The only way to know for sure who's the father, is by DNA testing I'm afraid. Hope this boy is willing to stay with you regardless of the outcome, because it's tough going in alone, at any age.


k - June 29

this has to be a joke b/c who would be trying to get pregnant at 15?? ludicrous!


ASA - June 30

Wow. You have yourself a problem there. DNA is probably the only way to find out for sure, but it is possible that your boyfriend could be the father. I wish you both luck because it is tough to have a baby so young and especially into situations like this.


UK - June 30

There are thousands of girls even as young as 12 who get pregnant on purpose in my country. Some of them do it because they don't want to work and spend their live's livig off tax payer's money. Some of them do it because they get given a place to live and their rent is paid for them. It really p__ses me off, that despite having worked hard all my life, I couldn't afford to have kids when I wanted because I'm paying ridiculously high taxes to pay for parasites like these! Most of them are awful parents and are bringing up children who are even worse than they are. That's why the UK has such a problem with anti-social behaviour these days. I hope to emigrate one day, because this country sucks!


...... - June 30

dna is the best way to prove paternity, hope he is willing to stay with you if he isn't the father b/c he isn't obligated. i know you don't want to hear this, but why are you trying at 15 to have a child?


Linds - July 6

My boyfriend and i have been together since i was 14...i am now 21 and he is 22 and we just got pregnant with our first child...we were NOT having s_x that young...we tried for a baby for a little over a year so it could be possible that the baby is ur boyfriends...did u use a condom with the other guy?... if u wanna talk email me at [email protected]



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