I Need Cute Ideas For Announcing Pregnancy At Easter

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Andrea - March 24

My hubby and I are going to tell our family that we are pregnant on Easter. I was wondering if anyone had any cute ideas that tie into the Easter theme.


PP - March 24

You could take plastic easter eggs, the kind you can open and put things in, and put a tiny baby bottle that you get at craft stores in it.


Heidi - March 24

Tell them the rabbit died. Ha ha! Not around the kids though. I never understood what that had to do with being pregnant? Anyone know?


Andrea - March 24

Ya'll are funny. I really like yours Heidi although like you I have no idea what it has to do with being pregnant. I would also like to know :o)


Heidi - March 24

I've heard that term used so many times and I play along like I know what it means. Ha ha! But, I'm totally in the dark. Maybe I'll look it up on line.


T - March 24

The origins of the "rabbit test" lie with the discovery in the 1920s that a woman starts producing a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) shortly after a fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine wall. (It was later discovered that the presence of hCG causes the placenta to produce progesterone after implantation, necessary to prevent rejection of the developing embryo.) In 1927, medical researchers found that not only is hCG present in the urine of pregnant women, but that female rabbits injected with urine containing hCG would, within a few days, display distinct ovarian changes. Thus the "rabbit test" was born, and with it the misconception that the rabbit's death was an indicator of a positive result. In those early tests, the rabbit always died, because the animal had to be killed before its ovaries could be examined.


Andrea - March 24

Well I guess that clears it up. Thanks T :o)


amanda.d - March 24

how about handing out tiny easter eggs, little chocolate bunnies, and a baby bottle.Put it all in a basket with the bottle at the bottom.Whoever gets to the bottom will find the "surprise".


Monica - March 24

Hi. What about doing an easter egg hunt for the family? You could do it just for the adults and hide plastic eggs with different things inside or possibly clues to the larger egg that would have a baby bunny or something that says you are having a baby. Then, you could have a hunt for the children with real easter eggs so they aren't left out. Another idea is you could do a treasure hunt with the final treasure being a baby doll and have your family in teams do the hunt. Or, you could get an easter egg pinata (a pinata is usually used at birthday parties or other types of spanish festivals and it is filled with candy). Everyone takes turns hitting the pinata with a bat (usually the kids because adults are much stronger that the game wouldn't last long) and are usually blindfolded. Make sure everyone stands far away so nobody gets hit with the flying bat. :) You could have candy and something else large in there that says you are expecting. Just a few silly ideas. I'm not really creative so I don't have any other ideas.


Andrea - March 24

You all have great ideas. I thought of one that I think I am going to use. Every year we get our mothers and grandmothers easter coursages to wear to church. Usually we use easter lillies in the coursages. But this year they are going to get pink and blue carnations with tiny baby items hanging from the ribbons instead. Not only will it be a big surprise for them when they open the boxes but they will be able to share the news with everyone at church by wearing the carnations on their blouse. What do you think?


Jamie - March 25

Your idea is so adorable...I almost wish my family didn't know, so that I could tell them like that!


Daisy Jean - March 25

A simple idea-Pa__s out easter eggs to everyone. Dye them only pink or blue. I think someone will ask, why pink and blue? and you can make your announcement..


Lovely - March 25

"Here come's Peter Cotton-tail, Hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity, hoppity, a BABY'S on it's wayyyy We don't know if it's a girl, or boy, But we're all hopping with joy, And we thought we'd share our news with you, todayyyy!!!


Andrea - March 25

So many cute ideas......Lovely I really like your idea. I have two little girls and whenever they wear their footy pajamas we always sing that song because they think they look like bunny rabbits. I am going to to sing your version to them on Easter and see if they pick up on the "baby" part :o)


Peter - November 18

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