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Jason - May 4

i recently found out that my girlfriend was pregnant, and a day after i found out she cheated on me with another guy. this broke my heart, and made the best day of my life soon be the worst. the question i want to ask is how much of a possibility i have that it is mine. she had her last period on march 24th, her periods are most always on time, except for once when we thought she was preg then too. we had s_x on the 7th of april, and a couple of times before then too, i downloaded an ovulation calendar and it shows the most fertile day for her to conceive would be the 7th (although i know i can't go mainly by that) she had s_x with this man on the 11th of april, on the calendar it showed that on the 11th there was a low risk of becoming pregnant. does anybody here know whether i can completely feel safe that this is my baby? or do i always need to have that doubt in the back of my mind? right now we broke up because of things that were said, but i want to get back together with her and us raise our kid together instead of in seperate homes. any help would be great


Claire - May 4

If her cycles are roughly 28 days I'd say it's definately yours - to get pregnant on 11th she'd need a cycle length of much longer like 38 days or so.


April - May 4

I would say it's probably yours too.. however, after the baby is born you should have a paternity test done, just so you don't have to wonder in the back of your mind if it's yours.


jena - May 4

it sounds like it's yours if she is regular. however, not to scare you, but our bodies can be so strange sometimes - I just got pregnant a few days before my period because I ovulated late - but again, it's not common - so it does sound like it's your baby. good luck and you sound like you have a very strong and forgiving head on your shoulders - willing to do anything for your unborn child.


jason - May 4

i don't want my kids to have to grow up without one parent there if i can help it. other than this problem we haven't really had any major problems before. so i know we could be great together if we tried.. but she's just going to have to put in a little effort and all too. i didn't realize how much i loved her until i had gotten my things packed from our house..lol.. she knows she made a mistake, and the thing that i thank her the most for is the fact that she did tell me the truth and atleast didn't lead me on with me thinking it would be mine. we bought an ovulation test once a few months ago trying to get preg, and it took about 2 weeks for her to ovulate using them, so i believe that this baby will be mine.. i feel like it is.. only thing i can do now is just wait out these long 9 months thats going to be even longer now..lol


sheena - May 4

dna test babe


sheena - May 4



tehProgamer - May 4

if the 1st day of her latest cycle was March 24, and u had s_x with her on paril 7 then that means that it is her 14th day into her cycle... a__suming that sperm lives in the uterus for 3-5 days then her ovulation should be around those days... and yes, the baby should be yours (or say around 9x%) consult a doctor to be sure...


jason - May 6

and just thought about something else too, she told me on the 13th or 14th that she felt like she was pregnant.. she has been preg before and had a m/c so i figured she would know if she was preg or not, so could it be possible to feel pregnant 2 or 3 days after conceiving? or would it be more likely to happen a week later? lol.. i'm just writing these questions that come to my head as i think about them.. sorry


tehprogamer - May 6

it's ok dude, abt that feeling pregnant just 2-3 days after conceiving, i dont know anything about that... i guess it would be best to ask a doctor abt your questions >_^


jason - May 6

haha, i called and asked an ob nurse that today and she said theres no way possible that she could feel that she was pregnant, i asked how my gf would know she was preg then, and she said she just guessed.


Misty - May 6

I would say if you still want to be with this girl after she cheated on you, if you trust her that much not to do it again, and you don't want a baby to grow up with only one parent then just go ahead and consider it yours and raise it as yours no matter what. BUT...if you have ANY doubts at all about this relationship and wether you want to stay if this is not your child, then do not put your name on the birth certificate until after you know that it is yours. If you do put your name on that birth certificate and then you find out it is not yours and you don't want to stick around then you will be liable for child support because your name is there.


jason - May 6

we're going to wait before we sign the birth certificate. after we do a dna test the father of the baby is going to sign it. we've already discussed that.


minx - May 6

sounds sensible. g'luck--also with your cheating girlfriend. trust is so easy to break and almost impossible (if at all) to gain back. be careful



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