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PleaseHelpMe23 - July 18

So to introduce myself I am a 15 year old teenage boy... I recently masterbated in my bed at night and i got semen all over my shorts. I was really thirsty because it was very hot and I held the cup of water in my mom's room and drank it and i didnt wash my hands... i remember wiping my hands with the inside of my shorts to get the semen off. Could she get pregnant from touching the cup and touching her private areas? (She went to go refill the cup)I layed in bed for about a good 10 minutes or so before i got up to get a drink in my mom's room and  to wash my hands with soap and water in my bathroom. I put my shorts in the hamper and closed the lid shut. The next morning I noticed that my mom has pre-washed my shorts in the bathtub in a little bin as long as my shirt with just water. She then picked them up and went downstairs to put them in the washer. I am very new to all of this and still experiencing these types of things... Im very worried that she can get pregnant due to touching my shorts covered in semen that has been left in the hamper with the lid closed shut overnight. Will she be pregnant from this? Omg im so paranoid and dont know what to do Im very scared


Grandpa Viv - July 18

No worries here. The semen has to be really fresh to cause any worries, like direct deposit. Use Kleenex or toilet paper for clean up. Your mom probably knows what is going on which is why she prewashed the shorts. 


PleaseHelpMe23 - July 19

For the past week i have been so scared about this its my first time experiencing these type of things. And no my mom pre-washes my clothing all of the time. So the sperm on my shorts is already dead being the fact that it was left in the hamper overnight with the lid closed on top? 


PleaseHelpMe23 - July 19

My mom is around 56-57 could she get pregnant anyways through this type of stuff pls im so worried


Grandpa Viv - July 19

Your mom is almost certainly past her childbearing years. Semen left in the hamper overnight could not cause pregnancy. 


PleaseHelpMe23 - July 20

So im just being paranoid? I cant get this out of of my head which really sucks any advice for me? 


Grandpa Viv - July 20

Are you feeling guilty about masturbating? Don't worry, it's natural. Many boys do it, and girls too. We are all sexual beings. Sexual contact is meant to feel good to ensure the species propagates successfully 


Ninjaynnear - August 7

Don't worry dear, your mom won't get pregnant for just washing your shorts that is full of semen. You're really funny boy, you need to learn a lot but enjoy growing up.



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