I Need Help Im Late Advice Please

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AMS - October 22

Ok, so i am 21, and I was supposed to get my period on the 15-16th of Oct, hasnt came yet, but no symptoms, what could it be i took 2 tests yesterday and they both say negative, they were equaline, please help me or give me some words of wisdom


tiffani~10 days to go!! - October 22

Well, if you had unprotected s_x during your most fertile time of the month, you have a pretty good chance of being pregnant. As of now, you are only 1 week late, so it may be a little to early for a hpt to detect a pregnancy. Try taking another test next week. I got a positive just 2 weeks after we conceived, using a cheap Dollar Tree test (they are very sensitive). If you have a Dollar Tree near you, I highly recommend the test. I hope you get the answer you're looking for. Good luck!! :o)


AMS - October 22

continuing my question, could the test have not detected yet, or is it 100%, im just so confused and frusterated, i dont have any symptoms what so ever, how is that possible


jane - October 22

you tested to early,wait until around the 29th and retest,if the test still shows neg. then it could be something else.


AMS - October 22

Thank you Jane, I appreciate it, and i am experiencing some weired sensation in my b___bs, its not exactly sore though, its a weird feeling, what could that be, any awswers, and I am not looking for rude answers either thank you


Chantal - October 22

Just wait another week and test again. If itès still neg, and still no period, then go see your doctor. If you don;t want to be pregnant, then be sure to use protection every time you have s_x.


AMS - October 22

The problem is I do want to and have been trying for a year! I mean my family have no signs of fertility problems and I am still young, I am driving myself crazy with it sometimes, I just dont understand, I really wish it will work out and I will be able to have a child


jane - October 22

you might be pregnant you can have some pregnancy symptoms right away like,heavy b___st,scanty period,fatigue,bloatingand nausea.i know first hand.


AMS - October 23

Still no sign of period, i am only about 8-9 days late though


baby dust - October 23

I would say try testing again, with a different test brand, I think that they EPT is a good one.


Jess H - October 23

i know what ur goin hrough im in the same predicamint and im 17..I'd say calm down get a tes done from the hospital. But wait a couple more days so u know ur not juss late..


AMS - October 23

I understand what you mean i jsut dont hav time to go to the doc, I will take a test in a few days, its just that i have no signs or symptoms of pg, just no period, this is got me wireded out, i dont really have anyone i can talk to about this so here i am


AMS - October 25

Still no period, 10 days late i took a test yesterday and it was negative


AMS - October 26

Some one please!!!!!!!! I want this so bad but i am just afraid its something else bc I dont have mant signs or a positive test what the hell is up


bump - October 26

please help


Star - October 26

Hi AMS. If you haven't gotton a positive pregnancy test yet, it seems hard to believe that you would actually be pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I took a test in the afternoon of the day I was supposed to get my period, and it was positive. I'm sure some women's hcg levels show differently, but being 10 days late with still a negative test would tell me that you are not pregnant. BUT....you should really make time to go to the doctor because blood work will confirm that 100%. I would hate for you to think you are not pregnant when you are and possibly do something that could harm your baby.


Lisa - October 26

I was 5 weeks before mine showed up positive... I went through 7 test before the 8th one came up with the right answer.



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