I Need Help New Father Lokin For Soem Help Lol

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Jon - January 22

Hello everyone... Well first off im 18 and im a dad... well soon, my Girl friend is 8 weeks preg, 9 on mond.. and im scared to dealth and exicted.... and i was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me? or if its only chicks in here... lol. or some info on to what to expect and to watch out for.... anything will help... thx..


Rachel - January 22

Hi Jon. I would suggest to get a book about becoming a father. Go to the bookstore and see what you like. There are so many resources out there. No one on this board can tell you everything to expect, but there is a wealth of info that has been written. One very good book that will help you and your girlfriend get through the pregnancy is "What to Expect When Your're Expecting". It is excellent. Good luck, and all I can say is try to be there for her and be sensitive to her needs as much as you can.


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

Jon- My boyfriend is 19 and he just became a Dad :) Our daughter is 2 and a half months old. You should go to her appointments with her so you have the heads up on things too. Also Im pretty sure shes going to get the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (they give those out at the doctors office) and in the very back of that book theres a section for Dads which is pretty helpful, also reading the Moms section would help you to understand what shes going through. I think its awesome you came on here looking for help and you sound like you'd be a great Dad. Good luck!


tiffani - January 23

You may not find many guys on this site because it does tend to be mostly "chicks", but we women can help you understand what's happening from your girlfriends perspective. Don't be afraid to ask. In the meantime, to help you and your girlfriend understand what's happening, try this website pregnancyguideonline.com it will tell you what to expect week by week. Make sure you go to all the doctors appointments and stay supportive of her. Pregnancy can be an emotional/physical rollercoaster, so try to be understanding with your girlfriend when she gets moody or a little b___hy, she can't help it. Also, you need to start planning now for all those things you'll need to buy for this baby. If you don't already have a job, go get one. Babies don't come cheap. Most importantly, even if you and your girlfriend break up some day, STAY IN YOUR CHILDS LIFE.


Rachel - January 23

Tiffany, that website is really great. Thanks for posting it :)


E - January 23

Hi Jon - I want to say good luck to you and your family. It is mostly hormonal or soon to be hormonal chicks on this forum but you are welcome to join in the conversation anytime!! Dads have just as much to say and feel as the mothers, or soon to be moms. My pregnancy has been an exciting time for my husband and even he is shocked at the overwhelming feelings he is experiencing from time to time. Macho man turned softy...


Jon - January 23

Thx guy, or chicks... lol thx for all the info and the sites... yeah so... Thx again.. ^^


KM - January 23

congratulations Jon :) my boyfriend and I have a 2 mnth old son, and hes 21. All I can suggest is get involved with as much as you can. At the hospital ask questions about baby care if you arent sure. Try and do as much as you can with the baby for the 1st few wks while your gf is recovering from labour and delivery.Make her feel good about herself because shes going to be very hormonal like E said lol/



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