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little_mary - March 3

Hi this is my second post and still waiting for someone who can answer my questions..I got my period twice last january it was on 10th of jan and then i had it again on 31st of jan it was all like regular period that lasted for 7 days...i am regular never happend to me before to have irregular mp...I had unprotected s_x with my bf on feb 10, 20 and 28.. I was expecting my period last febuary but it didnt come...I had my pregnancy test and blood test on 21st of feb but it came all out negative...is it too soon that i had my urine and blood test on the 21st of feb?...i believe that i was fertile on feb 14-20 and as u all say that sperm can live up to 5-7 days and i had s_x feb 10 then i was fertile on feb 14 is it possible that i am pregnant cuz up to now i still dont have my period...can anyone please help me with this?? i really dont know what to do and i dont know if i am right that i was fertile on feb 14-20 as i had my period twice last january...hope that there is someone out there who's kind to answer my questions...thank you and i'll wait...sorry if i posted it again cuz there was a mistake on the first one thanks


little_mary - March 3

and also u need to wait 6-8 days after ovulation right?....if it so then i must have a test again because i had my test too soon...plss help me with this...


Mommy - March 3

Take a test if you miss your next period. I'm not quite sure what can make you have 2 periods in a month, but if you are adjusting to birth control or having a lot of s_x, that can cause it. I have had 2 periods at the time of a pregnancy scare and so has my sister and my sister-in-law, and it turned out that none of us were pregnant. If you concieved in mid Febuary, it may be too soon to test. Wait until the middle of this month and see if your period is still absent and if so, take another test. If it's still not positive, call your doctor and let them know. It's probably nothing major but it's best to find out early if it is. Goodluck. :o)


fltjt705 - March 5

If your last period was on the 31st and it lasted 7 days your period wouldn't be due untill the end of feb beginning of march, you probably ovulated around early feb. Take a test once you pa__s the date you would have started your period.



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