I Need Some Answers About Pregnancy Tests

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denimbutterfly - February 1

Ok- so you test positive (many times) and have all kinds of symptoms and you KNOW your pregnant. Did you have to still confirm your pregnancy with your doctor or did you wait and schedule your first ob appointment. Any responses are MUCH appreciated!


JenS - February 1

I did. I got a blood test to confirm and make sure my HCG levels were okay. For that reason alone I went. When I was at that appointment I scheduled my first appointment with an OB. Congrats!


momma3tobe - February 1

I made an appointment to confirm it with my doctor, just to get the ball rolling and b/c I had no idea about a due date.


squished - February 1

After I took many tests too I called the dr.'s office and made an appt. They did do bloodwork, but to be honest I don't know if they did a pregnancy test or not :). The first appt. was just a get info and all kinds of free stuff appt. and I didn't have an u/s until almost 3 or 4 weeks later. I'd call your doc and say that your hundred pregnancy tests are positive! Good luck!


Melissa30 - February 1

At my first dr's appt. the First thing they did was have me give a urine sample so they could confirm my pregnancy. I could not even meet the Dr. before it was confimed.


denimb__terfly - February 1

The thing is I am 7 weeks pregnant today. I started testing postive beginning of January- those tests are still sitting on my dresser still positive. I have ALLLL pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness/ nausea is FULL blast. I have been to my regular doc for an UTI and they confirmed in a urine test. But, my OB says that I need to come in and do a blood test to prove the pregnancy. They said it is for insurance purposes and they can't take the word of urine tests (even though I have done about 10). I just wanted to know if this was my doctor or this is for all OBs. With my 2 kids I know I did not come in and pay my copay and for the lab work just to prove my pregnancy.



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