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honey - November 24

I had been having a slight feeling that i am pregant i had my period but it was shorter lighter, and usually there are like clumps of blood bu thtis time i only had one clump and after tha it stopped early, it only began to bleed again after i had s_x with my boyfriend and then it stopped i usually have it for a full 7 days. we weren't using protection and when i think i concepted he didn't pull out until a little after he came. i had my last period on the 9th of november and it si due in another two weeks i need to know if i am b/c i have to get help could , i have had a little more discharge than usual, my br___t are haevier i have had pain in my stomach and i have a line that goes from my navel to my pelvisand a little moody could i still be pregnant and how far along would i be


nbp - November 26

well...pregnacys are all different, but as far as heavier b___st...that dosen't come for a long time, and as for the little line...wow you would have to be like 4 months at least to have that and it be from pregnacy. as for your periods, yes you can have your period while pregnate, my friend did, as for you being pregnate, the only way to know for sure is take a test. it's that easy and i have never had a test lie to me, and i took one every month for two years, alot of times i took three or four, so i have taken lots of them. take a test or two, and go to your doctor. no one can tell you for sure. i had symptoms after symptoms and wasn't pregnate, then when i was pregnate, i had no symptoms untill later, so it is somthing that is unpredictable. as for s_x, pulling out dosen't work always, if you don't want to get pregnate, use protection, prec_m can get you pregnate, and it only takes one of those little guys, and when you think about there being 4 million on the very tip of pencil lead, that is alot!!!


honey - November 26

so what else could the little line be from



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