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erika - December 19

ok i know this by sound dumb but im gonna ask anyways cause this is what you are here for right..ok i always thought if you have unprocted s_x with your mate & he comes inside you you will get preg? but now that ive been on this sitee im hearing peeps talking about 14 dayz this n that im kinda lost here..i wanna know how i CAN get pregnant fast can sumone out there help!!!thankz


sweet me - December 19

if u wanna get preg. just do it day & night like a h__y rabbit ! LOL ( u sure to get preg like that ! )


t - December 19

OK, the whole 14-day thing is 14 days from the START of your period. On the 12-16th day after your period starts is when you ovulate (make an egg) and can get pregnant. Of course, this is only a general rule, I conceived my twins on day 7, a whole week before I was supposed to be fertile, and my newest baby right on day 13, so it really depends. If you are a teenager, then you are just as likely to ovulate different times of the month, esp. if your periods aren't regular. And of course you always hear stories about women getting PG during their period, etc. The only way to be really sure is to use an ovulation kit, and even then there is only a 1 in 5 chance of successfully getting pregnant. If you are ready financially and emotionally to have a baby, good luck and I hope everything works out for you.


Tasha - December 20

T gave very good advice, but something else you can try. Go to www.webmd.com and click on create your ovulation calendar. It will ask when your last period was and how many days between cycles. It will then give you a month by month calendar that lets you know when you are supposed to be most fertile. Not promising that it will work for you but it did for me. 2 weeks after trying I was pregnant. And I conceived on what was my most fertile day according to the calendar. Good luck! ~21 wks 1 day preg.~


kerrie - December 20

hiya if u want to get pregnant and learn all about it go to this web site www.fertilityfriend.com it helps u to keep a record of ur ovulation times and how to notice your most fertile times of the month it helped me along with ovulation kits the cheapest place to get them is ebay i hope this helps


angleeyes - January 12

i came on the 30 of december im i fertile at this point?



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