I Need To Vent

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Melissa30 - February 22

Why does everyone think that just because a person is pregnant that gives them the right to tell you what to do, what not to do and TOUCH MY STOMACH. I have complete strangers walk up to me and start rubbing my belly. I understand that I have a baby growing in my belly and to alot of people that is a precious thing but the only person I want touching my stomach is my husband. I was at the gas station last night and I had this woman (she had to be atleat 80 years old) come up to me and tell me, "you really should not be pumping gas in your delicate condition. The fumes could damage your baby." I said thank you for the advice and I will take that into consideration next time. I was thinking to myself, what the h__l am I supposed to do. I am running out of gas, my husband is across town at his job. Am I supposed to hire someone to pump my gas for me. This is my third pregnancy, I have pumped my own gas with both my other kids and they are fine. I understand this woman was just trying to be helpful, but give me a break. Ok venting session over.


Melissa30 - February 22

I forgot to mention, when I thanked her for her advice, she actually had the nerve to rub my belly and say "well I am just trying to look out for the future of this country. Women today just don't know how to look out for the unborn, the way we did when I had my 8 kids." OLD PEOPLE why do they think they did a better job of raising kids than we do.


christi62504 - February 22

Girl, I know just how you feel. I have never been a really touchy person, and it grates my last nerve when someone wants to rub my belly. I love my family very much, but I have to say that my mom and grandmother are the world's worst. They love to hover over everything I do or eat, even though I follow my DOCTOR'S recommendations. If I hear the phrase "Well, when I was having babies" one more time, I'm gonna snap. Good luck to you and your little one!


mamaof3 - February 22

Okay how about when someone has the nerve to lift your shirt to take a peek. What the hell do they think thier gonna see??? I just want to slap them!


sososleepy - February 22

I totally absolutely agree. If it makes you feel better, her kids probably live in another state, she hasn't had a visit in years, and probably has grandchildren photos lined up in her home but hasn't been able to hug them in years because it's too costly to visit so after rubbing your belly she went home and cried. That thought worked once or twice, then I got wierd urges to rub their bellies too, and PINCH! Hang in there.



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