I No I Sound Stupied

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Fiona - April 12

would a doctor be able to tell if i was pregnant just by feeling my stomach, if i was id be about 9weeks now? saw it on a tv show that they could and im just wondering i no i sound SO stupied but just thoght of asking cause every one i asked just said they dont no. so here seamed think the right place?


Misty - April 12

I'm not really sure. I went for an appointment the other day at 12 weeks. The doctor felt on my stomach and was suprised at how large the sac felt to her, so she thinks I might be having twins. But that would make me wonder if at twelve weeks she was surprised at how easy she could feel it if you would be able to tell at 9 weeks. And no, your question is not stupid. Apparently not to many people know the answer if you asked before so it sounds like a pretty good question to me. I'll be interested in seeing what other people say.


tiffani - April 12

I don't think he'd be able to tell by just feeling your stomach if you're only 9 weeks, the uterus is just now starting to grow above the pubic bone at this point. He would be able to tell if he did and internal exam though.


????? - April 12

really stupid


nhb - April 12

I went to the OB last week and she said (when she felt my belly) that she thought I was 6-8 weeks along; sure enough, yesterday, I got an u/s and was 8 weeks, 5 days . . . They may be able to feel your uterus and know approx. how far you are, but they also already did a pg test for me, so they knew I was. Plus this is my fourth pregnancy (only 1 live birth though), so it might be easier to feel the more kids you have? I don't know either . . . It's true, no questions are dumb . . . obviously a lot of other people don't know the answer either!


Jenice - April 12

that's not a stupid question at all...in fact i've been wondering the exact same thing. someone mentioned an internal exam. could someone clarify what that is, exactly? and by doing one, could a doctor tell if you're pg(and maybe 8 weeks along)?


nhb - April 12

My ob feels inside for the cervix, and pushes down on my belly; then she feels my belly to feel the size of the whole uterus. She guessed pretty accurately for me . . .


Jenice - April 12

and can your ob tell whether you're pg or not??? by doing this?


nhb - April 12

Well, I can't imagine that they'd do a pregnancy exam without doing the test though . . . She examined me like that because she did the test and knew I was pg, so yes, my uterus was bigger and she could tell from that and the cervix . . . but a good OB or GYN should ask/test you before they perform any kind of exam, I think.


Grammar - April 12

For the person who signed in as "You Are" should evaluate him/she self before calling other name's.. It's not your response to the question that makes you sound stupid, but your GRAMMAR. Learn to put comma's between your words STUPID.



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