I Really Need Advise From Someone Please

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Maria - May 5

I am 18 years old. my boyfriend asked me to marry him. i said yes. we have a baby on the way due in september. we plan to get married in october. i am a jealous person because i have been hurt before. i check his email without him knowing about it. today i checked it and a girl asked him to meet with her. i don't knwo what to do If i should confront him and admit that i check up on him which i promised him i would never do or should i just ignore it. i really love him and he says he loves me. i don't tink he wil go meet with her because he has to work during that time, but still i feel like the fliring is wrong because it is like he wants to cheat on me. i know he doesnt go meet girls beause we are always together when we are not working - i mean always. but i don't know what to think,...maybe i shoud just blame myself for cheecking up on him adn pushing him away. it is all my fault but he said he wanted to marry me and have kids iwth me and thats what i want too, i don't know what to do. sorry for the typos but i am just so upset right now. please help thank you very much


Karen - May 5

Maybe I not the best to give advise. I am always checking my bf phone and messages. Any from girls I dont know I always ask about them and why they call . Sorry cant be too careful these days. Remember your carrying a child and he has to be careful not to bring any thing to you from someelse. Just ask in a normal tone of voice and say you came across it my accident. Eg you were looking for someone number you could not remember !!!. Or give no explaination as to how you know. Make him wonder.!!!!!


Maria - May 5

the only way i could know would be to snoop his emails. the girl is a customer at his work and he has to talk to her sometimes for work but i dont think it is right for her to say where she will be and ask him if he wants to meet her if she knows about me. which makes me think he lies to her about him being with someone or she is just a hoe who doesnt care. i want to email her myself so bad but then he would know for sure that i checked up on him. i dont want to cause a big arguement. shoulld i be so worried if it is just flirtign? am i just over reacting because i am pregnant? i want to trust him so bad. i feel like this is all my fault and if i could just trust him i would be happy and not all stressed. i know the baby can feel my stress and i dont want to do that to her. i dont know what i should do. thank you to karen for your advise at least i know i am not the only woman out there who stresses about this stuff.


... - May 5

First of, if she's just a costumer at work why would she email at home? What does he do for a living anyways? Is he a lawyer, real-estate person or in sales? Sometimes clients do meet with sales people outside of working hours. Why not on the date/time she mentioned make up something that would make you in contact with him while at work--or drop by. See if this shakes things a bit. Followed by another check on his mails days later if someone is 'whining' for changing the meeting plans. Then you got a bomb in your hands.


I think - May 5

i think that you should let him meet with her and you secretly keep checking his e-mails and finding out where he is going and just show up. That way you will really know. Even if he is cheating I highly doubt he is going to admit to it. I wouldn't be afraid to keep checking! That's your man!


Maria - May 5

His email is at work. I work during the day too so I cant show up where she wants to meet him. He works in an office so he doesn't really need to see customers after hours his boss usually does that. i just stress because i don't want to accuse him if it is nothing i should stress over. i don't wnat to push him to her because i keep thinking things about him. thank you for your advise though. i will keep close tabs on where he is at during the day and when he says he has to work on saturdays (which i know he does sometimes because i know the people in his office pretty well) thanks again for your advise



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