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anonymous - June 30

i had unprotected s_x with my bf a lot of times..but the 1st time i had it i started my period the next morning.. n the next 2 weeks we had s_x bout like 2 times that was unprotected, he pulled it out after we had s_x n took a p___s and i told him im worried but he said not to cause i wont be pregnant but like 2 weeks later my br___ts got darker n lumpy?? n ive gotten headaches and i don't know how to get a pregnancy test, im only 14 n im so scared..cause if i am pregnant i do NOT want my parents to find out or they will kick me out, and do i have wait for 6 months to abort it?


kari - June 2

calm down first. there are clinics that can help you. U NEED to speak with a healthcare professional and NO JUDGEMENTS! We all make mistakes and we all need help at times. You need more info first. Call Planned Parenthood or a community health center. THEY WILL help you make the right decisions. Information is power. Make some calls. YOU WILL be OK!


anonymous - June 2

but won't the parents find out because of my stomach?? well if you abort it do you have to wait for like 6 months (the due date???)


anonymous - June 2

As a person wanting desperately to conceive a child, but having no success, I would ask that you at least consider adoption. There are so many wonderful and loving parents out there waiting for a child!


Kirsty - June 3

Meredith you are an idiot and should not be on this website! Keep your idiotic comments to yourself


B - June 3

You need to speak to someone right away to get some support. do not be afraid. I've been there, a little older but i know hoe you feel. Because if you do not want to keep the baby you have to make a decision now! speak to a friend or a guidance councellor at school. Don't keep it to yourself please talk to someone.


B - June 3

As for meredith, if this is how you feel you should be able to voice your oppionion. don't worry about other people. because i somewhat agree she can give the baby up for adoption


Shelly - June 4

Why do you think your parents will kick you out? I wouldn't kick you out if you were my daughter. You need to have some loving support at this time in your life. As well as some serious help and guidance. If you really don't feel comfortable talking to your parents, talk to an adult you do feel comfortable with. They can help you talk to your parents if you decide to. You could even ask them to be there with you and help you to communicate in the best way. Your parents are probably going to find out anyway. Things will be better if they hear it from you rather than someone else. Any way you choose to go, get a pregnancy test and speak to a counselor. The sooner you know if you're pregnant or not, the more options you have. Ignore all the angry, unhelpful posts here. Stay calm, and get help. Love, Shelly


Sharon - June 5

hi honey im sending you a huge hugg please dont listen to horrid coments they havent a clue on life and have no values im from the uk and i dont know how your health centres work but you need too see someone straight away you dont need to do this alone you dont have to wait 6 months to abort it hun they can do it easier the early you are so the sooner you get help the better try searching for family planning or similar near you hun but dont let bullies like meredith force you to give your own life up as well your still a baby yourself im hoping this helps please let us know how you get on love sharon


Kirsty - June 8

I agree that you can express your opinion freely, BUT there is a difference between expressing it in a mature manner, and expressing it in a very inconsiderate way!!!!


Misty - June 9

This is my first time on this site and I am disgusted by what I have seen here today! In my opinion if you want to abort, it is best to see a doctor now. The earlier, the better. It is your choice. Good luck to you. I think Meredith needs to grow up and also learn to speak like a woman, not a nasty child. GROW UP!


Beth - June 15

Sweetheart, I feel for you, I really do. But chances are, if you don't think you're mature enought to take care of a baby, then you're not mature enough to be having s_x. As for your parents, they might surprise you. What if sometime down the road they hear it through the grapevine that you had an abortion? How will that make them feel? This is a big decision, and it will affect you for the rest of your life. As for Meredith: I personally don't believe in abortion, but we don't always know what the circ_mstances are either. What if a girl was raped? What if she is in an abusive relationship? You have the right of freedom of speech, but please make yourself look intelligent my speaking properly.


MELISSA - June 17



Kirsten - June 17

I have actually been in your position, except I was a little bit older. It is never an easy decision to make. Get a professional to help you make it. I did have an abortion, and for me at the time it really was the best thing for everyone involved. Now, I'm in a awesomw relationship, and about to get married , and we're having our first child. Now, is the perfect time, before just wasn't. Good luck with everything you do:)


Lindsay - June 30

Don't abort it in my opinion, if you are that young you need to consider adoption and hun you can go to any drug store, walgreens or osco and get a pregnancy test, trust me use a condom and get on birth control. Go to planned parenthood and your parents will not have to know about it. Or... see a doctor and get a urine test. :) hang in there WOW Meredith does have a strong and mean opinion about it, but just think hard and long about it and first... see a doc at planned parenthood:) good luck



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