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Distressed - September 3

Okay, so me and my boyfriend decided to have s_x on our 1yr anniversary. He used a condom, but it broke and he wasn't even close to finishing. But I do know he has a little bit of pre c_m. I'm 1 week late on my period. But also I take these progesterone pills because I can't start my period with out them, I take them for fourteen days, and on the fifteenth or sixteenth day, I start. Well I haven't and I stopped the pills early which normally makes me start the next day..so how high are my chances of becoming pregnant? I took a prenancy test Thursday and it said I wasn't pregnant, but if you take it a week after, how accurate is it? I need help..I just had back surgery and I haven't even gone through therapy. I had it in June, so I need to find out if I am...and if I can carry a baby. Please Please Please..help and give me ACCURAT AND TRUE results, because I 've heard it isn't possible and it is, I want the truth!


me - September 3

what the heck are you having s_x for if you just had back surgery?


s - September 3

It is very unlikely that you can get a postive result from a pregnancy test 1 week after conception (if conception occured). The most sensitive of home pregnancy tests can give an accurate result 8 to 10 days after conception. Your best bet is to wait a couple of more days and buy a test that will detect 20 mius of the hcg hormome. I belive the Equate Wal Mart test will pick up that amount. For more information go to http://pregnancywithlove.freeservers.com/hcg.html.


Erin - September 3

Wish I could give you an immediate answer, but you'll have to join the waiting club. People who are trying to get pg often call this the "two week wait" because that's how long it takes on average for accurate results. Good luck!


tiffani~ - September 3

It could just be your body recovering from back surgery. I remember when I had my gall bladder removed, my period was MIA for almost 3 months. Doc said it was normal for that to happen after having surgery. As far as taking a test, you're just gonna have to play the waiting game for atleast 2 weeks. Are you having any symptoms? :o)


Mica - September 3

I'm surprised you haven't had your withdrawl bleed. Test again in one week. best to you


Distressed - September 3

The only other symptom I'm having is my b___sts are a little sore, and my right one has a hard lump thing on the side..they seem bigger. But they could also be growing.


emily - September 4

Just wait a week or two and take another pregnancy test, In the morning when your hormone levels are higher... And it'll be more accurate... I took a pregnancy test and it said I wasnt pregnant... I waited a week took another and it said i was! so i went to planned parenthood and they confirmed it... It's was like 8 dollars at planned parenthood So just take another test



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