I Really Need This Answered Please

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Christine - April 20

Ok well I know a question similar to this has been answered but I still need it answered..so my boyfriend and I were fooling around and we both had our underwear on and he rubbed his p__s kind of on my va___a..the outer part but i had underwear on and he didn't ejaculate..but I noticed that some of the pre-ejaculation had gotten on the crotch of my underwear...could I be pregnant? Please help me out!


Misty - April 20

It is always possible to get pregnant if any s____n gets in your v____a. From what you sadi though I don't think it was pre-c_m on your undies, I really think it was your own wetness that got on them. If you say he didn't get off then (I could be wrong) but I don't think pre-c_m would be enough to get through his underwear to yours, and even if it did I don't think it could have gotten beyond that to you. But just be more careful in the future. Condoms aren't that big of a deal, and if he says that they are he isn't all that interested in you, only in the s_x.


Truth - April 21

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you are worried about getting pregnant then you dont need to be doing any rubbing of any body parts


tired - April 21

sweetheart go play with Barbie and Ken!!


please - April 21

I am sure you are like 14 years old. Come on quit wasting our time!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam - April 21

I guess it's possible. However, EXTREMELY unlikely. First of all, quit the rubbing of body parts thing. Did you know you can get a whole slew of STDs from doing just that? Not trying to scare you, but you need to be smarter about this! Whenever fluids are involved, condoms should be too. Undies or not. Please be careful! Message to please, she's just scared. If you're so worried about time constraints, perhaps you should consider foregoing posting answers to questions you find so wasteful.


Karen - April 21

I think a little more tolerance is need for people who post questions or comments. If Chritine is young (which I suspect she is ) her question is quite normal and I always try to remember that I was there once and had a lot of questions. I am sure that some of you also went through the "rubbing stage" or at least a curious stage . To your answer it is highly unlikly sweetheart.


please - April 21

I am not going to start a fight but you and I both know it is extremely unlikely! Okay so maybe she is 15 and scared but look at everyone else's answers, come on lets be honest here take a test or go to the Dr. we aren't all Dr's here!!!!!!


toes - April 21

my first question to her would be is your hymen broken?


Sam - April 21

Christine, please is right. Go get a test if you're that worried. There's no sense in worrying over nothing, right? Go to the local women's health clinic or WIC office. Betcha they'll give you a test for free. To please, thats all you needed to tell her. No need to be so confrontational.


please - April 21

Sam when did you turn into my mother. Always putting in where you don't need to.


please - April 21

Good one toes!


Sam - April 21

I'm just trying to be nice to this girl. Please, why are you being so defensive. I'm not attacking your opinion. Who decides when i need to "put in" or when i don't? If you're uncomfortable with people disagreeing with you, you should probably stop posting such argumantative comments. That's all. She needs help. Not criticism. Maybe she doesn't know all this stuff.


toes - April 21

Christine, I honestly wasn't trying to be mean. You sound like a pretty inexperienced girl who may not've had a whole lot of teachings in this matter. One of the things that could've been missed is you can't get pregnant until your hymen is broken, either through losing your virginity or some other way. If it's gone, then nothing online is going to be able to give you answers. If s____n gets around or into your v____a, you can get pregnant, end of story. The probabilities alter dramatically depending on the situation, but not the possibility of it happening.


Christine - April 22

Thank you for the input everyone...I got my period today...but it was light and dark brown. I am thinking that it might just get heavier as the day goes on. I have another question though, Can you have your period and still be pregnant? Thanks everyone!


heather - April 25

time to grow up!!!!!! Obvisouly you are quite young and shouldn't even be having s_xual relations!!!


Aubrey - May 1

Christine, I know how u feel I get scared sometimes too when i mess around but i doubt you are pregnant, and to all those other people who posted and that were all rude, THEY NEED TO SHUT UP and go one some where, because if u got a question and u dont kno the answer ask it dont worry about these haters who were prolly to ugly to get any when they were young, dont worry sweetheart, they are just jealous!



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