I Really Want To Know About The Smell

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Anna - April 11

Ok, this may be off topic but you girls have always been so helpful that I will ask this most intimate question I never asked before ever: I am very sensitive about the way I smell down there, and I try to clean myself very well, but no matter how much time and effort I put into it, there is always a hint of my smell that remains ... is that normal . Also, now that I am preggers and pee all the time, I feel that I smell like urine all the time, no matter how much I wipe and wash and bathe ... am I going nuts? Are women supposed to be smell free after they clean themselves?


...( . )..( . )... - April 11

I don't notice any kind of foul smell down there. In fact, I like my own scent :). Maybe you have an infection...? Have you tried asking your doctor?


Layla - April 11

I know what you are talking about! I always like to take a bath when I get home from work before my hubby gets home because of it. I have heard and read in many magazines that men like that scent and it is just "your" scent but I am with you and I don't like it. I wouldn't worry about smelling like urine because of your frequent trips to the bathroom, I don' t ever smell anything like that. It is the "cooped up in panties all day smell". I am with you. There really isnt anything to do except for clean in the bath or shower really good. They make personal wipes by Summer's Eve but I think they smell like old ladies so I would rather just jump in the tub before he gets home. Especially on nights that I know we might have time for some action.


Lily - April 11

My advise is ask your doctor. Change your unders everyday, my doctor advised me, don't use soaps or douches, but just warm water and fingers or a soft cloth.


Shannon - April 12

My smell is not foul :) ... It is just faintly there even after I shower or bathe! I do change my undies everyday and even walk around without undies for that fresh dry feeling and not cooped up sensation! Layla, thanks for your honest answer ... maybe not all women are in touch with their bodies like we are :)! Lily, I could not imagine not using soap, but I should give it a try and see how it come out ... thanks!


Samantha B - April 12

Shannon Yes you should have a scent, not foul or anything, but a scent. Stop the marketing madness! I don't care what Summers Eve says your are not to smell "spring time fresh" or like "april showers". Faintly there is perfect normal.


Shannon - April 12

Thanks Samantha! that makes me feel better, I hope Anna feels better, too! :)


Its normal - April 12

every women has there own scent its normal as was said some men love t b/c t is your scent and sometimes that turnes them on .Wash everyday and summer eves wipes are good to use if you pee alot of even baby wipes.If your not taking a trip to the shower.I am also one of those women who are always showering and making sure im extra fresh down there .But if it is a foul scent then you should see your OB/GYN



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