I Say My Due Date Is Wrong

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krc - February 28

They say my due date is Aug. 2nd based on the 1st day of my LMP. i GET IT...40 weeks from Oct. 26th is Aug. 2nd. But I know my exact date of conception was Nov. 8th and 40 weeks from that date is Aug. 15th or somewhere near it. So.... I have a feeling that I will deliver around that date and then the doctors will say, OH, she was 13 days overdue !! Bull Honkey !!! I think I should prepare for an aug. 15th due date instead. Any thoughts on this matter ?? I mean if I know my date of conception that I think it is ridiculous to add that extra 2 weeks from my LMP ...right ????


Lin - February 28

But the whole gestational period concept is designed to include that extra two weeks! Your due date is calculated from your lmp, not the date of conception.


krc - February 28

i know but if I know the date of conception that should make a difference.. right ? I know women who knew their conception date and when they delivered they were " overdue " by up to 2 weeks. Are you saying the baby is really only inside you for 38 weeks?


smanderfield - February 28

due date starts at start of lmp.... my due date is april 6th... if it was from conception i wouldnt be until april 17th or so....


moucheka - February 28

Unless your cycle is a regular 28 days, your last menstral period is pretty useless for calculating. My cycle is 5-6 weeks and always has been. I conceived on 11/2405 and KNOW that was the day yet the birth center took my last period 10/18/05 as the start date. I had an ultrasound to prove I knew when conception was and they agreed with me. If we had used the LMP date, I would appear weeks overdue and be possibly subjected to induction. Have an ultrasound, insist on using the conception date. The birth center/midwife etc has a little wheel chart that they use to predict the due date and it can be based on LMP or conception.


Been There - February 28

Krc, the entire medical community uses measurements based on LMP, so even if you know the conception date, that does not change they way they calculate. And since all calculations are based on LMP, you are still wrong because the gestational period is 38 weeks, not 40. Therefore, if you count the 38 weeks gestation, you will see that your doctor is correct. So, even though I understand why you think it's ridiculous, you need to calculate correctly in either case and you will see that the date does not change.


Lin - February 28

Moucheka, the lmp is normally likely to be a lot more accurate than the conception date, and yes you're right it is based on a 28-day cycle, since that's the average. If you insist on thinking of it that way, then determine your due date according to conception date minus two weeks instead of lmp. Either way, those two weeks need to be added on. The ONLY time you can go by conception date is when your cycle is exactly two weeks longer than the average.


agtemt - February 28

I wouldnt worry too much. When they do your first u/s they should check date just to be safe and as accurate as possible.


MJM - February 28

If you calculate by conception date do it by 38wks. because lmp is 2 wks more then actual conception. You generally ovulate 11-15 day after the 1st day of last period. I concieved on april 15th and my son was born on Jan 4th. there is a website that calculates due date by lmp or conception. I will brb and type it in I cant remember it right now.


MJM - February 28

http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/duedate/index.html there it is. You can choose by conception of LMP.


Amber #2 - March 1

KRC- The date in which you actually conceice your baby, by the doctor's standards, you are already 2 weeks along. Therefore, technically you are truly only pregnant for 38 weeks. You always go by your LMP, not that date of conception. The reason they do it that way is because women don't always know when they conceived. But almost every woman keeps track of their period, and knows when her LMP was. This is a good way for the Dr.'s to predict a period of time in which to determine the due date. Hope this helps!


Tanna - March 1

krc, I did not read everything else written, so if this was said I apologize. When you get an ultrasound, probably around 20 weeks, if need be, your Dr. will change your due date based on measurements.


HannahBaby - March 2

i dont think it really matters what is 13 days?? i had my daughter 3 weeks early....its really not a big deal...why do you think doctors let people go late? because due dates are give or take 2 weeks each way


molliejoy - March 11

Go with your instinct. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my dr. said she's just really big. My periods are never regular. So he did an ultrasound at 20 weeks and said she measures about 23 weeks, but lets keep your due date. I knew when I conceived and knew that was not right. He wouldn't listen. I thought she was due May 8th. On May 6th I went into labor. And for 2 days I labored and nothing happened. Hospital sent us home and told me to walk alot. He let me go until June. On June 9th, I went to a different dr. He did an ultrasound and immediatly sent me to the hospital for a c-section. She was born early am, June 10th. 9lbs 13 oz. He said she was at least a month overdue. Her nails were so long, she looked 2 months old. Go with your gut, but only a week early is not bad, esp. when you get to that week and want it to be over! Good Luck


letgo0527 - March 12

When they generate your edd they are adding the two weeks before you ovulate. My doc told me that techniquely full term is actually 38 weeks. Your due date should be correct.


Monique - March 12

krc--question is..... does it REALLY matter?? Your baby God willing, will be born the beginning of August. Just curious why it matters so much? BTW, your doc should adjust date if ultrasound shows otherwise. I suggest just relaxing and enjoying this amazing experience!! Good Luck



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