I Still Feel It Please Help

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MissButtercup - December 22

Okay, well, I've taken at least 3 hpts in the past week and they have all been negative. I was suppose to start my period yesterday and I did start today. However, I have all these crazy symptoms that just have no other explanation. I have gained a belly, thrown up randomly over past months, had pain in the lower abdomen among other things. But the craziest symptom is that I feel thumping in my stomach. And I KNOW I'm not imagining it because I've had my boyfriend feel it to make sure I wasn't insane. It felt it too. But I also know that you're not suppose to feel this until way into your pregnancy. I know it all sounds crazy but it's actually happening. Can anyone give me any advice or similar stories of having your period/negative hpts but still being pregnant? I'm afraid that I've been pregnant for awhile and not noticed because my periods have been on schedule and everything but I've had all these symptoms. Please help.


Malica - December 22

It's highly unlikely that you're pregnant, but you should talk to your doctor to investigate these symptoms further.


Grandpa Viv - December 25

Once in a great while a woman claims that she or an acquaintance got negative tests through three months, and sometimes "never". I don't think you would get a doctor to believe that. I do think you need to visit a clinic or doctor to find out what else might be the problem. Good luck!


Juliette9 - January 7

Hi MissB___tercup - please see a good doctor about this. You really need to get an explanation !!! I know that my abdomen did crazy things when my endometriosis became severe ( it felt like it was thumping when I walked and i felt naseaus and had a very bad pain in my stomach plus funny bowel movement pain ) no matter what it is please do not stop asking questions until they tell you exactly what it is ...Best of luck !!!



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