I Stopped Parental Vitamins And Now I Am Scared

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Jessie - May 4

I stopped taking my parental vitamins after my 2nd month due to excessive dizziness. I am now 5 months pregnant and a friend told me about all these horrible things that could happen to the baby because I am not taking them, is there any one else who is not taking them, should I worry? Please help I was in tears when I found out!!!!!


April - May 4

Prenatal vitamins are just to ensure that your baby gets the nutrients it needs, in case you aren't getting it from the food you eat. But as far as I know, the baby takes what it needs from you... and then whatever's left goes to your body. Try taking flintstone vitamins. Those are recommended for people who get sick from the prenatal vitamins. If those make you sick too, just try your best to get all the nutrients from the foods you eat.


Jbear - May 5

I only took prenatal vitamins for the first month and a half after I found out I was pregnant during my first pregnancy. My daughter was, and still is, just fine. I've been taking them regularly during this pregnancy, and I've been really dizzy sometimes, but my doctor told me dizziness usually pa__ses by the 20th week. The most important thing for your baby in prenatal vitamins is folic acid, and usually by the time you find out you're pregnant, the period when folic acid is most important has already pa__sed.


Stephanie - May 5

Relax. Just as long as you are taking care of yourself and eating correctly, you and your baby will be fine. I stopped taking mine within three weeks or so of starting them and my daughter was fine when she was born....and that was almost seven years ago. Also, keep in mind that women have been having children for thousands of years without prenatals and things have been fine. Obvioulsly there have been exceptions, but not due to not taking prenatals. Try to take them in the evening with food, and that might make you feel better. I quit because I was tired of throwing up 15-30 minutes of taking them. The only person you need to be talking about with regard to the health of your baby is your doctor. Everyone has had different expereiences, and not all will apply to you. Good luck to you and health to you sweet angel!!


leslie - May 5

Ok, doc said that the only reason for prenatal vitamins was In case that the mother wouldn't be eating healthy this would help so you wouldnt have to recive at the end of the pregnancy a blood transfusion...the baby is not affected becasue when its growing it takes everything from your body,,the only one that may have problems like anemia is the mother...not the baby.


Lissi - May 5

Didn't women have babies for centuries without taking all these extra vitamins? Don't worry too much. If you have a healthy diet you'll be fine.


Justine - May 5

Jessie - In England no-one takes prenatal vitamins - just folic acid for the first three months. Doctors here think they do more harm than good. If you took them for 2 months you'll be absolutely fine. You just need some more tactful friends.


Jessie - May 5

Tahnk you all for your replies, it helped me so much.


leslie - May 5

I think that the only reason why we have to take them in the U.S is because here the food is not as healthy as in other counries..since it has many thing to "preserve the food" and all that..so if you eat healthy I wouldn't worry.



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