I Think I Got Her Pregnant

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Jeff - November 22

My wife and I have 2 young kids, so the only the only s_x we have is late at night when we are both tired and half asleep. We have been useing condoms for almost a year. The past 2 months I have been to tired to get it and put it on,so I have been just c_ming in her, I mean to pull out but am to tired it is around 2:30 at night.I thought she knew but It turns out I don't think she can tell when she is half asleep. We spoon so she isn't realy into the s_x and her back is to me so she can't see if I have a condom or not and she just falls asleep after. Once she asked me if I needed her to pick up more condoms she was going to the store. The other day she threw up out of the blue. She has been very tired and sleeping during most of her free time. She threw up this morning too. The last time this happend we had a kid. Do you think she is pregnant. If she is should I tell her I have been c_ming in her, or not say anything. Or should I tell her now so she knows she could be pregnant. Or just have her think the condom is at falt. We did not want another kid right now the others we have are to much work (but worth it). She trusted me with the birth control and I blew it. She will be p___sed.


lilmama - November 22

You should tell her now. She may be p__sed, but not as p__sed if she finds out you did and didnt tell her! She needs to know, if she is pregnant, she may not know and could do things to unintentionally harm the baby. I understand having an unexpected and unwanted baby, too, because my son is 5 months and I just found out that I am pregnant again. OOH the agony! Any way, it sounds to me like she is probably pregnant, but she may just have a bug, you never know. You may want to get a padded suit or something for when you tell her!! Or atleast a cup so you wont be layed out on the floor if she kicks you in the nuts! Just kidding. Good luck with it.


tiffani - November 27

Unless you are a small man with "small accessories" she should be able to tell whether or not you're wearing a condom. What did you think was going to happen if you ejaculated inside of her? Have you ever read the book "Where Do Babies Come From?" Maybe you should. You betrayed your wife in a huge/life changing way. I think you should own up to you mistake and make the best of your situation.


d__k - January 26

play with yourself


anon - January 26

hi, i'm sure she would know if you had been c_mming in her! surely it would make some sort of mess at the time and at least the next morning! When you were too tired to put a condom on didnt you think about how tired you would be with another child to look after? Men should NEVER be trusted with contraception and it unfortunately seems that your wife has found this out the hard way! You are going to have to tell her the truth but to be honest she is just as much to blame for leaving it all down to you when you are so obviously irresponsible. There are enough unwanted children in the world already.



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