I Think I Might Be Pregnant?

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Florr - May 21

Im 17 years old and confused. Ive been having all the pregnancy symptoms nausea fatigue tender breast and nipples. My areolas are changing in color they are getting darker and growind little bumps. I just took a hpt but it came back neg. I was supposed to have my period on 5/18 and i was three days late i just got it today 5/21. And it seems to be a regular period. Can i still be pregnant? Or am i wrong? 


Grandpa Viv - May 21

Flor, if you had sexual exposure a bout the beginning of May I don't think you can rule out pregnancy just yet. Wait until your bleed is over then test again, especially if the signs continue. Maybe you had a pregnancy try which did not stick. Come back and let us know the outcome!


Lindab - May 28

Hello, please am soo confused becos I had my period on 16 April I had unprotected sex with my bf he came inside me on the 16 of may I was having pregnancy symptoms so I bought pt and I was pregnant.In abt two days I saw spotting whn I want to wee then in an hr tym I was bleeding heavy with clots so right now am not sure if am still pregnant or my baby is gone 


Grandpa Viv - May 29

Linda, run two more tests at one week intervals to see if the positive is getting weaker. So sorry if a loss has occurred. 


Jayna - July 18

Hi I've been having all the early pregnant symptoms, like having to pee more often, sore and tender boobs. The weirdest thing happened today I drank a whole cup of milk and my boobs started to tingle and feel weird, my back also has been sore lately mostly my lower back, but there's one default, I just got my period yesterday, so, it seems to be my period. It smells like my period and it's thick like it should be, but I'm confused how I got all the pregnancy symptoms but then I got my period. I'm just wondering if there is a possibility that I could be pregnant. 


Grandpa Viv - July 19

Jayna, if you had sex the first days of July there is still a chance of pregnancy. Wait until the period is over and run a home test if the symptoms are still with you 



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