I Think My Boyfriends Pregnant

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Robyn - March 24

Yeah you heard me. I am getting so frustrated I have no idea what to do! He has the worst moodswings I have ever seen worse than me even and I am the one with the two little peanuts in my stomach. Then on top of it all he doesnt understand what happens to women when they are pregnant and when I start crying about something he gets p___sed and starts yelling, "Oh lord now what are you crying about?!" I dont get it and I dont know what to do about it. Some one please help before I pull my hair out.


Kelly K - March 24

I told my guy that next time he got upset over me crying that I would grab him by the nuts to give him an idea of what I'm going through. He's been really supportive ever since!


Robyn - March 24

LMAO thats hilarious. He would think I was joking though I dont think it would be as effective with my boyfriend. He is extremely stubborn.Thanks for the suggestion though.


Andrea - March 24

Does he have any other children? I ask only because men tend to get very nervous and anxious when they realize they are about to be resposible for a baby ( in your case two). There is a book called The Expectant father that is wonderful for men to read while thier partners are preggers. It takes them month by month and explains what the mother is feeling and how her body is changing. It also gives advice on how to deal with our ever changing hormonal mood swings. Just give him the benifit of the doubt and remember that he is feeling a lot of emotions right now too. If that does not work just give him a ggod b___t whipin'....haha. I hope that helps. Twins.....how lucky for you :o) Good luck!!


Robyn - March 24

No he doesnt have any other children and he is so excited about being a daddy, but these moodswings....I cant handle them. It makes me not want to be around him at all and tell him to go f*ck himself (excuse my language) but I am so hormonal and I have my own att_tude and problems to deal with without his mouth runnin off all the time! I will look into that book though if Ican get him to read it! LOL thank you.


penny - March 24

Robyn, you made me laugh.......sometimes men can go through the same things that we go through its weird because I swear my BF is pregnant too!! He feels ill all of the time (and when this happens I usually feel much better).....I tell him he's having sympathy pains. Hell I'll let him take if all on if he wants!! Seriously though, if you both are really close and in tone with one another and youcan feel certain things, he could be feeling what you are feeling. :) I know it sounds odd :)


Robyn - March 24

Thank you penny, I hope he can feel what I am feeling and think what I am thinking because then maybe he will kick HIMSELF in the a__s so I wont have to. LOL I appreciate the help though and I know we will get through it, its just nice to vent to someone!


Robyn - March 24

another quick Q though, when I get home from work (I work 9-10 hour days and he is laid off right now) he wants to go out and do stuff and right now all I want to do is sleep and he gets mad at me for it. Is there a book out there for that? I am to tired to fight so I just sit there and cry...isnt pregnancy fun?!


penny - March 24

Robyn, do you have a barnes and noble around you? They have some really good books for the Men......it's just getting them to read them. You need to set him straight, send him to his mom to understand!! How old is he anyway? Not that makes a diffirence really, but I think the older they get the more patience they have. :)


Robyn - March 24

Yeah he is 25 and I dont expect him to be extremely adult all the time because men dont mature very quickly. I am hoping he grow out of it trust me! I want him to be involved with this so bad. I think I will take him to my next u/s and if he sees them and I can corner him in to talk to the doc about what I am going through he will back off a little. Youre right about his mom, she is on my side completly she knows how he is. Thanks for warning me though huh? LOL, but she tries to talk to him and he thinks we like conspiring against him or something he is going through a really weird time right now. I hope he wakes up before they're born though I will say that!


penny - March 24

He's going to have to!!! Especially when your having more then one!! It's only going to get worse for you!! You'll have to keep us posted!!


Robyn - March 25

Definatly, I really appreciate having people here to back me up on what I am feeling so I dont feel like I am going TOTALLY nuts...lol


JLorenzo - March 25

Kelly, as someone who has nuts to grab, I would beg and plead with you never to make good on that threat! If you plan on having more kids, you will need those nuts you speak of. Robyn: in terms of the mood swinging boyfriend, perhaps he is having a hard time coping with the pregnancy? That doesn't give him a right to treat you like he is...but it is just a thought.


C - March 25

My husband was the same way when I was preggers 1st time. Turns out he was feeling a lot of things. How to provide? How to feel included? He read Expectant Father and loved it. If he's laid off right now, he would have some time to read, right? Hope he gets off your back! :o) Best of luck w/ twins!


Melissa - April 1

He and you may not realize he is actually having a sympathetic pregnancy. My husband has a lot of the symptoms I do and moodswings like crazy.


jena - April 1

Robyn - i have to give it to you for being so strong - preggo with twins, already taking care of a baby - you're bf - hahaha - and working such long days! i guess God knows who can handle twins and you are one of them! good luck to you and i hope your bf becomes a little more understanding - tell him to go out during the day to look for a job so he is tired too when you get home and doesn't want to go out :) good luck!! and congrats on twins!!!


Robyn - April 1

Jena that was really considerate. I was having huge doubts about my twin 'curse' or so I called it and working so much and yada yada yada worrying I couldnt handle it but hearing someone say that, it is much apprecited and I thank you for that.



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