I Ve Got An Addiction

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Lisa - October 14

I can't stop buying baby and maternity shit off of the internet shopping websites. This is my first and I'm constantly looking...I need my husband to take away his credit card from me and suffer the withdrawls. But I see so much I need, I have nothing for the baby! And I need clothes to wear!


!!! - October 14

Go to ebay; it will take care of your problem at a fraction of the price; amaze your husband with your good deals and get a positive feedback score going so that you can re-sale on there part-time for extra income :)


Lisa - October 14

I am on ebay!! That's where Im getting it, but it's all in USD and I'm Canadian, so the prices are still higher for me.


me - October 16

I disagree with that actually. My cousin is additcted too and if she sees something at half price, she buys more things because she sees it as such a good deal. She ends up coming home with more things she doesn't need just becuase they are on sale. I would make a list of things you actually need to sustain the baby, and then things you want that would make things easier for you to deal with the baby. They are usually different. Only buy things that you need. If you need to not have a credit card, then cut it up! Another solution is only buy things when you and shopping with your hubby. He can keep you in check! Good luck!


N - October 16

Lisa, I am the EXACT same way. This is my second and we just found out we are having another boy a few weeks ago, so with a little over five weeks left I feel so rushed. I have nothing, I gave alot away and ebay has become my life (when I'm not packing to move). I am canadian too and it sucks to buy things off ebay.. even the canadian sellers are still in USD!! If you try to order from other canadians it is way cheaper though, shipping is usually less and you don't have to pay customs. It's not even like it's garage sale season. I have taken to telling my hubby everytime I am thinking of buying or bidding on something so that if he gives me that look like "do you really need that" then I don't get it.



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