I Ve Received Contradicting Answers To This PLEASE HELP

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TTCbabyGIRL - January 15

Okay, so I'm TTC. i was on BC, then the BF & I decided we want to have a baby! I've asked this question many, many times and I keep getting different answers: Does getting off of BC decrease or increase your fertility? Is there just one answer or does it depend on the individual? I have gotten off of BC before and I had my periods regularly right afterwards. Last month, I had two periods because I had gotten on BC and then got off of it a week later (i know, weird) so I was also wondering, did I ovulate for both of those cycles or just the first one? HELP!


Grandpa Viv - January 15

It depends on the individual. Your two periods close together were probably because of messing with BC, and you may not have ovulated on either occasion. If you are serious about TTC, why not start temperature charting - that confirms when you ovulate. Good luck!


TTCbabyGIRL - January 16

yeah, i've considered buying one of those kits! but why would i not have ovulated for either cycle? hm... i'll just have to wait and see! thanks.


MomToEli - January 20

I've always heard that you are more fertile for your first few cycles off BC. A friend of mine recently stopped BC and conceived b/g twins her first cycle off. She and her ex husband had tried for years prior to conceive with no luck....then, bam, twins! HTH :)


TTCbabyGIRL - January 26

well... i certainly wouldn't prefer twins but two would be better than zero, i suppose! haha... yeah i've heard that getting off of bc is famous for helping couples produce twins. funny!


Kurlz828 - January 26

I actually have a question (sorry don't know how to post a new thread)... my husband and I have been TTC for the last 5 months... last month my period was almost 2 months late and about a week before I got it I began to take MATERNA... I got my period on the 14 of Jan and it ended on the 17th.. for about a week or so I have been feeling very strange (sudden moments of nausea, loss of appet_te but numgrier than usual, headaches, back pain, and my b___st are bigger than normal) I've been feeling like a usually feel right before my period... could it be possible that I may be pregnant? I'm just going by the symptoms I've been having but I don't want to get my hopes up so I'm scared to take a pregnancy test ... could someone help me out...THANK YOU!


TTCbabyGIRL - January 26

once you're in the forum section, on your top left (or top right?) will be a box and inside of it is a photo of a woman and the words "click here to ask a question!" just copy/paste your question in your own thread, you'll get a much better response...


Kurlz828 - January 26




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