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Chelsey - July 10

Okay, I see the Vent out Corner is getting pretty long.. so I'm gonna vent on my own...!! I hate the fact that I had to wait 5 months to be able to see my obgyn, and when I finally got to see him, he creeped me out! Tells me my due date is August 5th. I continue to see the fungus face once a month, up until June, at which time he tells me "your baby is measuring a bit small", so he sends me for my 2nd u/s. Fine. I then start to see him once every 2 weeks. "Baby is great!", he says, "but we're gonna send you to a Woman Center for Fetal medicine, for a biophysical, "too make sure". What do they tell me there? "Oh, no, baby is way small, we're gonna change your due date to Aug. 24th. However, we could be wrong too"! Then they also tell me if baby hasn't continued to grow more, they are going to take him out in the middle of July. So, the next week, I go back for another Biophysical, (my 4th u/s), and they tell me, "Baby IS growing, we're gonna leave him in, due date is definately end of august.". I'm thinking that these people don't know shit, by the time I leave. Jump ahead 2 weeks (during which time I get a horrible bladder infection!)... I go for my 5th u/s, more bad news.. not only has baby not grown much more, they wanna take him out forsure. I'm supposedly just about 34 weeks, and baby is only 3.2 lbs. So now I have to go for an u/s on the 15th of July, at which time they let me know forsure what they will be doing and when! Seems to me, my doctors don't know shit, and they aren't confering with one another. I'm right p___sed off!!!! I know that a bladder infection left untreated properly can cause low birth weight, but my doctors still shrug it off as nothing. My first born was 5lbs 9oz, when she was born. And at just over 33 weeks prego with her, she was 3.9 lbs. But my doctors aren't considering that maybe I just have small babies. I'm so freaking mad that their only solution would be to take the baby out way before he's ready. Then they have the nerve to tell me his chance of survival is 97%. Sure, the odds are in his favor, but have a little decency A**HOLES! Don't tell me that there is a 3% chance that he could die, that's still too much info for me! So I'm sorry for venting, but I'm really p___sed that the best thing for my baby, is too not be with his Mommy. Apparently, I'm no good for him. What, an incubator is?!!!! Bullsh*t! So, I've probably got a week and a half to go, then I meet little Gabriel, I should be happy, but really, I'm scared. Thanx for listening to me vent..


CAT - July 10

I would go to another doctor...bless you and your babys heart...So sorry doll, best wishes.


jo - July 10

I'm sorry that youhave to go through with all that c___p. I too think that you should get another opinion. I've only been for 1 u/s, I cant imagine having to go for 6. Take care, and I hope your baby will be alright!


Julz - July 10

I know its a little late in your pregnancy, but I would get a second opinion. That just doesn't sound right. I had a bladder infection in the begining of this pregnancy, and my doctor put me on Macrobid (an antiobiotic) right away to take care of it. It really sounds like your doctor's office doesn't have it together. Anyway, I hope everything goes well. Good luck!


chelsey - July 10

they put me on Amoxicylin 500mg, for 5 days. But that did nothing to help clear it up. Then at my last appointment, it was like they conveniently forgot I even had an infection...


JessicaS - July 10

I know a friend whose baby weighed just over 2 pounds at birth, and the baby was great. She had to stay in the hospital for a little while until she gained weight, but they took very good care of her. I think that even baby's born that aren't premature, still have a 3 % chance of not surviving. They willnever tell you that there is a 100% survival rate. Complications still happen to babies that are 7 - 8 lbs.


chelsey - July 10

I know I wrote the short story, but I'd just like everyone to know, I'm not asking for sympathy, if you've got something on your mind too, let it rip!


Marla - July 10

Chelsey, I wouldn't let the doctor touch me until that baby was ready to come out on his own. This sounds like something is really wrong with your medical team. I'm not hip on doctors anyway, I don't believe they know better than God what is best for my baby or body. If your gut tells you to NOT let them take the baby early, I would definately go with that. And if you are a 'praying' person, you should pray and ask God what HE wants for you and the baby. WAAAYYYY too much weirdness going on with your doctor(s). God bless hun!


R - July 10

im so sorry for your situation and i agree with everyone else. you definately need a new doc. to determine the due date, i had a blood test done at the hospital and my doctor gave me the same date. i would take a trip there to see because your baby may not be too small but your date could be way off. good luck with you and your baby. ill be praying for you.


Jodie - July 10

I wish you and your baby the best,. It sounds like your dr is a moron to me, i dont know how drs can keep changing due dates due to babys size. I have large babies, have always had an ultrasound a few weeks after finding out i was pregnant, so have never had my due date changed because of the large size of my baby


Lovely - July 11

Just me,but when I found out "I" was in charge of MY body, and NOT the doctors..."I" chose HOW and WHAT MY body goes through. I say, let the baby stay. Nature doesn't make as many mistakes as people do!



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