I Wanna Get Preg My Husband Doesn T

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bmccausland - January 19

i am in a pickle, you see i want to get pregnant i have for about a year, and my husband knows this, however he doesn't want to. I get very upset every month when i get af, cause i am always hoping there is that chance. See my husband and i only use the pull out method. I have felt c__ppy for about 3 weeks, bad headaches, upset tummy, and my husband thought i was pg. but i went to the doc, and he just told be i have migranes which can cause nausea, and gave me pills. I was so upset i actually thought i was pg. When i told my husband i was pg, and it was migranes, he was oh well to bad. I ws so upset. Any one else in this situation? What can i do to try and talk him into it? Any time i bring it up, he get upset. He does want to get pg. just when he's ready, i feel like he'll never be ready, or there neer is the "perfect timing" you just do it. Am i right what should i do?


Marissa1 - January 19

How old are you guys? What does he want to wait for? Is it financial reasons? How long have you been using the withdrawal method alone?


bmccausland - January 19

i am 21 and he is 28, no financial reason, i am a housewife, and we have been using the withdrawl method for 5 years.


lovelylady24 - January 20

Sounds like my husband........I eventually asked him why didn't he want to get pregnant right away and he got mad everytime we talked about it so.......I told him I was going to the doc's to get my body prepared for pregnancy so that I will be ready when the time comes and he came along to that appointment and the midwife told us ups and downs about pregancy and what not. We did come to an agreement to get pregnanct in Oct.......but the midwife told us that we not be a good idea because being pregnant in the summer is not good because of swelling and other things so........we shot for August......then I asked him what was the differences between August and now(which was May at the time) and he said it was not much of a differences.......so I told him well then we can try now and by the time we concieve it would probably be August......since there is only a 25% chance each month for a healthy person to get pregnant on there first try......so he said ok but........I guess our luck was in session because we hit it on the first try.....and at first he was as little upset but he got over it really quick and was happy and now he watches everything I do and I am suppose to be induced on the 30th because of gestational debetic but we will see. So.......my advice is to try something like that and maybe it will work good luck.


Grandpa Viv - January 20

Using withdrawal you are due for a pregnancy in the not distant future. One pregnancy every 4 years is the rule of thumb for withdrawal. Start talking to him like "you are not going to live for ever, and when you go your children will be all that is left of you." You are 21. You have another 10 years before you even begin to worry about this. Good luck!


rj_80 - January 21

Okay - I totally understand where you are coming from with this as found myself in a very similar situation until about 4 days ago! I spent every month praying that I was preggers even though there was very little chance. I, like you, wanted a little mistake just to have it happen. However, DH not impressed by the idea so about a year ago I started trying to make myself feel like I was doing something towards it and waited for him to come round. I took vitamins, cooked properly, got a better job with more maternity benefit, exercised, cut down then cut out alcohol, made him take vitamins to encourage him to be a part of it, talked to him about names (safe subject he felt) and generally tried to just get him to think outside the box he was in. Almost lost my mind completely this week because he'd finally agreed to Feb and I couldn't see why not Jan - one months difference for goodness sake. Even Grandpa Viv said he sounded a___l as I'd done EVERYTHING imaginable to make it perfect to start! So I gave up totally and thought I'll have to wait one more month. However, I came home on Weds night to a huge bunch of flowers, he'd tidied up and ironed and put on new bed sheets, made the bedroom look glorious and said I was right, there was no difference and we should go for it. So we have. I've got my fingers crossed for 2 weeks time and all of a sudden he's well up for it. I asked what changed and why he kept us waiting so long. He said he always had it in his head how he wanted to start it off and he was just working towards that and being prepared in his head for it. He just realised difference of a month meant nothing and he was ready. I suggest you start to prepare and take more of an active role in getting you ready and encourage him along the way. It was all that has kept me sane for the last 12 months waiting for him to come around but I became determined not to trick him or it to be an accident. Good luck. x.


Mzwest83 - January 30

I was in the same boat as you are about oh 2 years ago. My hubby wanted to wait until it was the perfect timing I felt that there was never really going to be the perfect timing. So about a year ago I thought I was pregnant. I was about a month late when I had my AF. I cried and stayed in bed for a few days. The only reason I got out was because he came in and said Ok I see this really means something to you lets start trying. ( That and I said I was not putting out until he caved in!) I am not saying this is what you sould do but it worked. Have you sat him down to talk to him about this?


AmySmoak - February 2

Me and my DH went through the same thing. You just need to give him time, as much as I know it hurts. I know I spent many nights crying b/c i wanted to have a baby so bad and he wasn't ready. But, he will come around! He just needs time, just like mine did, once I gave him space and quit mentioning it, he came around shortly after and said he was ready! Good luck!


orchidmom - February 3

We are on the same boat.. but we had a talk and I asked him the time limit.. and we came to the decision for another 2 years..


bmccausland - February 3

Thank you everyone for the update. I have one of my own too! With all those headaches and stuff I was feeling. I just got back from the Caribbean on a 2 week trip (a kinda late honeymoon) and I have talking alot about tihs subject with my g/f who tried to convience me to trick my husband, I refuse. I would never betray my husbands trust, especially with something like this. ANYWAYS, on the trip i was getting sick, such as upset stomach after i'd eat, and not be able to eat certain thngs like LOBSTER!! my favorite food, and i couldnt eat it the smell of it made me want to vomit. My b___bs hurt too, but they usually do just before i get my period BUT i missed my period thids month. So today i guess today i will get a pg test WISH me luck, and my hubby know all this, he said he'd be more than happy if i was, he has always just wanted to plan it, and the timing be perfect.


sdillon78 - February 3

GL to you! How exciting! Well, my hubby did the same thing...it made me almost resent him for while because he was in control and it wasn't a choice that both of us were making! Anyways he did come around...and we have a 2 year old daughter and I am 8 weeks with our second! So good things come to those who wait!


bmccausland - February 5

Update for everyone. I got this extremely painful cramps in the middle of the night, that woke me up, and i thought i was gonna die, then i got AF, went to my doctors and he said that I probably miscarried. Maybe i'll get pregnant again in 5 years ERRR!


crackersforme - February 5

bmc...I'm so sorry. Hopefully you'll get one that sticks this month!!


bmccausland - February 27

an exciting update for everyone! For v-day, my husband never pulled out! and i was fertile, so i am suppose to get AF on Thursday, but cross ur fingers, i hope i don't, LOL. i have however been very tired lately, ive been sleeping 8 hrs at nite, and everyday i have an after noon nap. My b___st are sensitive (not sore, but sensitive) I am just starting to feel like being pg. is to good to be true, and this symptons are all in my head. Anyone else feel the same?


bmccausland - February 27

Also forgot to mention on v-day nite (my fetile night that hubby tried for pg.) i had dreams all nite bout babies, and me being pg. Anyone one else goin through this?



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