I Want A Baby And I Am Getting Married In 9 Months Am I Too Young

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Sarah - July 28

my fiance and i are getting married in 9 months and we desperately want to have a baby. We would wait until we are married but i will still be 19 and him 21. He is at a proper age but what about me? i feel ready but is 19-20 still too young. my dad and his family think so they believe 30 is a proper age. buy my mothers family all have children young and would love it. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you :)


Helpful - July 22

If you're ready then have a baby? No age is really too young, unless you're like 13 yrs old, then that's another story. However, make sure that this is the right man for you and that you are positively sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with him. If you have any doubts with you relationship or are unsure, then don't do it. Hope I was a bit of help, good luck.


Jake - July 22

Yes!! My friends wife has a twin. His wife was always a little wild.Her twin was the Normal resposable one.At 25 she married a nice guy but not a looker.2 years later she was out of control.She was out drinking all the time Clubin it.She made her sister look like a nun.This was totaly not her.They got divorced she hooked up with a 23 year old during the marrage.They had no kids,but at age 28 she did a 180. Live A little. It dosen't mean go nuts just take your time. 28 or 29 is a good age for a girl to have a kid.At least wait till 24.Get to know him People change when they have resposability,and if you grow up to fast u could do a 180.


felicia - July 23

in my opinion, when two get married, i think they should wait a couple years after they get married to have kids, only so theynca have time to get their feet on the ground, and get situated with eachother in the way they need to be, in order to supposrt a whole family. good luck


Jen - July 23

I agree with Felicia. You should get married first and enjoy the married life with him. It's a new and fun experience so just have fun with it. Once you have kids it wont be the same because now all your attention will be focused on the baby instead of each other. I'm not saying to wait for years, maybe just a couple of months if you want. However, if you truly want a baby right away then go for it, if that is what will make you happy! Good luck with everything!


Melissa - July 23

I was married at 19, pregnant by 20 and had our son a month after I turned 21! We were planning on waiting, but I got pregnant. We are now expecting our 3rd and we love having children. I am still working on my degree, as well as my husband. It is hard to have kids and be in school. But, it is also very rewarding. Our children bring us soo much joy and love and have helped our marriage. We decided to have 3 close together and just get it over with. A benefit of having kids earlier is they will be out of the house when you are in your early 40's. That is nice. Well, good luck and so what your heart tells you.


Shannon - July 28

I'm 20 and my husband (20 also) want kids so bad! We are currently trying and it seems to be all I think about! I dont think 19 is too young if you know its what you want and you can provide a good home for your baby!


bren - July 28

No matter how well you think you know your partner and love eachother, even if you already live together, the first year of mariage is HARD. I would wait at least one year. Go on vacations. Have fun. Get to know eachother. you are so young. Kids are great but that is my suggestion. You can never get that time alone back.


Christine - July 28

My fiance and I are both 19. We want to have a baby as well. I think that if you are finacially stable and emotionally stable with each other, why not? If you have a place to live and things like that, why wait? You want one now.



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