I Want A Baby So Bad

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jo - July 5

me and my husband both love each other so much.. we have been trying for a year to have a baby and we have had no luck.. it isnt fair.. i have had 5 single friends get pregnant without even trying and i (the married one) seems to be having the hardest times. does anyone have any tips on how i could get pregnant faster?


Bons - July 4

You are not alone, we have been trying for a baby from last two & half years, now both of us are under medication. Doc says I have a problem of high INSULIN level that's why quality of egg is very poor & my hubby's sperm count is very low. May be you or your hubby need some treatment so don't waste your time, consult a doc. May god bless you.


Nicole - July 4

I went through the same thing for 3 years and my mom said when god thinks you are ready to have a child i am now 36 weeks my 2nd child but it was a long wait i would tell you to stop trying i know it easyer to say but if you try belive me it will workit will take a little bit but you can do it.


lost - July 4

I too am having trouble getting pregnant me and my husband are probably much younger than others and we are still having trouble . It may be the strss level.


sjs - July 5

this may be an eaier way to conceive. try not having s_x the whole week before you ovulate. sometimes when you try too hard and you have s_x to often the sperm cells become weaker.


Loni - July 5

Jo, As for tips to get pregnant faster, you have probably heard them all, but here are a few that worked for my husband and I First, he needs to wear boxers or no underwear at all. This will keep his t______es cool which will produce a higher sperm count. Also, make sure you are ovulating. Take your temperature, or an at home ovulation test. Don't smoke or Drink alcohol, either one of you. Let him put an ice pack with a fan right on his t______es on a day you are ovulating, after an hour or two of him cooling down, heat things up for him! Sounds funny and the picture in your head will probably have you laughing, but it was a year and half before we got pregnant. When we tried this, 2 months later we tested positive for a baby! Good luck. Oh yea, prayer doesn't hurt either



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