I Want A Boy

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stevie24 - February 18

So, here is my question. As you can see I want a boy. I already have a daughter and I plan to have only one more child. I would really like it to be a boy. So what I wanna know Is what are the best ways my husband and I can do this. I read all this stuff about how women can help to increase their chances of having a boy BUT I have not seen anything, other than the man should wear boxers to help this. Can they EAT anything to increase the Y sperm, or exercise, or what. I just dont know. I plan to try all the methods for to woman to increse these odds....but what can he do too. Anything will do, wives tales and all. Thanks


Belle - February 18

I can understand your feeling, having a daughter and wanting a boy, but I never heard of certain things you can eat to have a boy...it actually sounds kinda funny... I don't understand when people say I want this or that...I just want a healthy baby, because ill love it the same way wether its a boy or a girl...my grandmother told me this story from back in her days and that's what really came to my mind when I read this... where a husband wanted a son and he had 4 daughters and he was hoping and wishing for the 5th child to be a son and it was a son, but something was wrong with him..I'm sure you get the moral of the story...I hope it works out for you, good luck with the trying...


MNMOM - February 18

It's all determined by your DH, what his sperm count is made up of, etc. Look at his family, is there a lot of boys? If so you have probably a better chance. I am pregnant with my second son, the things you can do are: Time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible - the male sperm swim faster and reach the egg first. Second, have your DH try to deposit the sperm deep in you rather than shallow in you to give them a boost on the way to the egg. In the end, it is all God's plan! Good luck!


lolita - February 18

I have two sisters, one has 3 girls, and the other has 2 girls, I am pregnant with a girl right now. I heard boy sperms swim really fast at first then slow down, girl sperms just swim at a constant pace, kind of like the tortoise and the hare, so I heard that you need to give the boy sperms a head start by doing certain positions in bed, but who knows! Apparently no one in my family knows the secret to having a baby boy!


crackersforme - February 18

I'm not sure if family has much to do with it. My grandparents had 5 kids...4 boys & a girl. My father (one of the boys, of course) had three children...all girls. So even though he was from mainly a boy group, he produced a girl group.


TucsonHelpful - February 18

I have read a lot of stuff online about s_x determination and the biggest recommendation for a boy is to have s_x the day OF ovulation or the day after. The reasoning behind this is that sperm can live in the body for up to four days. The male sperm are very fast and usually make it to the egg faster than the female sperm, but the female sperm live longer (even though they are slower). So if you want a boy, you have s_x when the egg is already present so they can get there first and have the best shot at fertilization. On the flip side, if you wanted a girl, you would have s_x two or three days before ovulation, so the boy sperm would have died off and all that would be left waiting for the egg to drop are the females. Research also indicates that orgasming right before your husband orgasms will help this process because the contraction and fluids helps the sperm move along in their journey. You also should try having s_x (excuse the phrase) "doggy style" or in missionary position because your husband will be able to get "maximum penetration," which deposits the sperm closer to where the egg is waiting, meaning the boys again have a better shot. Lastly, I read that if you are trying for a boy, your husband should increase his intake of foods that are higher in folic acid. Good Fortune!!!


mamaof3 - February 18

I am a mom of 3 boys and I am pregnant with my 4th and desperately want this one to be a girl. I was told that for boys you have s_x one day before you ovulate and the day of ovulation. If your cycle is not regular than it would be best to have s_x the Day of and day after ovulation. I would use preseed to help the sperm make it to the egg. Also I hear that if you change you diet so that you body PH is more alkaline you have a better chance of having a boy. You can look online what foods to eat to alkaline your body. For girls you want to have s_x 3-4 days before ovulation and a more acidic body PH. I tried this so we'll see if there's any thruth to it. GL~


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

I have 3 children 2 boys and than along came my little girl, I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with a 60-70% of having another boy (I am sure I am considering my husband has a very male dominant family). Anyways I dont remember doing anything differently when I concieved my daughter. I agree with Belle that as long as the baby is healthy who cares if its a boy or girl.


missycc4 - February 18

I don't think it matters when you have s_x. I have 2 boys a girl and another girl on the way. We did it be4 my ovultaion and after and still its a girl. so again it doesn't really matter when you do it.


mamaof3 - February 19

Why is it almost ALWAYS the people who have both boy and girl say it doesn't matter what the s_x is. Of course we all agree the first and most important thing is that the baby is healthy. But why is it wrong to want to experience having boys and girls.... I have three boys and honestly I was very dissapointed when I first found out I was having additional boys but I got over it and I would not change anything but I still have a strong desire to have a little girl.


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 19

well from a handout my doctor gave to me you have s_x right on the day of ovulation and use a douche afterwards. Well....I did that by chance and wound up with a boy. I was happy since this is our last and we already have 2 girls



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