I Want Morning Sickness

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Gagliani - July 28

I am frustrated because I think I might could actually be pregnant this time but it's too early to test which leads me to believe it's probably too early to be feeling the symptoms I THINK I am feeling. I can't deal with this every month. As much as I hate being sick, if I had morning sickness (all day sickness really) and threw up I would KNOW... because I can count on one hand all the times in my entire life that I have been that ill to my stomach. I know that sounds crazy, but I just want to know, and I want to be pregnant this time!!!!


s - July 28

I didn't start having morning sickness until i found out I was pregnant (about 6 weeks along). The only symptom prior to that were those of periods......Sore b___bs, light cramping, etc. Good luck.


Karen - July 28

I can understand your fustration, after almost a year and one miscarriage it finally happen for me. Dont stress too much. Just relax if your not there is not much you can do but wait. It will happen when the time is right. much baby dust. Oh yea when you least expect it to as well.


lilmum - July 28

I can only imagine how you feel. With this pregnancy, we tried for three months after i stopped taking the pill and i didn't ovulate at all in those three months. We decided to quit trying for a few months to let my body get back to normal and let our businesses get a little more stable and BAM we got pregnant the very next month. I've heard that when a woman orgasms it gives you better chances of getting pregnant because the contractions will actually suck the sperm up into the uterus. So go out, buy yourself some s_xy new lingerie, a nice bottle of wine (it may be your last for a while) and a naughty video (if you're into that) and enjoy yourself! The stresses of trying to get pregnant can work against you. Or maybe you'll take that pregnancy test next week and find out you are already pregnant. Either way, good luck :)


Gagliani - July 29

I hope so, I can't stop thinking about it, all day I just sit and think about am or am I not. Is that psycho? I just want to be so badly, and if I'm not I would like to know that too, so I don't have to wonder anymore, even though I know I will be really disappointed if I'm not. My man will be in Chicago next week and I want to wait on him to get back before I take a test but I may not be able to wait and go buy one of those ones you can use up to a week before the missed period. I'm so nervous!






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