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Dana - October 5

Hi! I've read every book that's out there about pregnancy, but I would like to know real stories about early pregnancy symptoms. I think I finally may be pregnant because my nipples are huge and seem to be gettin darker. I really would like to know what symtoms did you all expirience, specially for first time moms. Thanks!


Pregnant - October 5

Nipples do not get darker until the 3rd or 4th month although your b___bs could get bigger early on. The signs are much like those right before you get your period. The biggest sign is a missed period. Have you missed a period?


Jane - October 5

Actually I know what you mean, my first preg. my nipples seemed to be bigger and with a sort of bluish shadow to them, and swollen a lot of the time even in 1st few weeks


Carol - October 5

The same happened to me! In my first pregnancy like a week after conception, my nipples got really dark and I could see darker veins


Julia - October 6

I am 8 wks & I have not had any symptoms except tender b___sts, urinating frequently, and being tired all the time.


m - October 6

I had early signs even before a missed period. If you are in tune with your body, you can pick up on things. However, it is said that if a woman convinces herself she is pregnant, she can make herself believe she is experiencing things she's not. That being said, some of the earliest signs I had were tender nipples, a bloated feeling, full feeling, headaches, fatigue, and hormone swings. Also, an increased moisture down below. These are also PMS symptoms, but hopefully that's not the case with you... if that's what you want. Good luck!


bec79 - October 7

I know people say this all the time, but I knew I was pregnant almost immediately after I had s_x. My only symptoms were darkening of the areola, slight morning sickness, and the implantation bleeding. I took my first hpt before I missed my period and it came back positive.


kim - October 22

My first pregnancy I had little bumps that appeared around my nipples. I was exhausted all of the time and I had trouble brushing my teeth.


name - October 23

This is my first pregnancy too.My first symptom before I even knew was I was completely EXHAUSTED. like I felt depressed but not sad. I just didnt have the energy to ever get out of bed. Then the sore ,enlarged b___bs.I had an appet_te increase but then after a couple wks I was nauseated often. I gagged everytime I saw a toilet.lol.Also after s_x/orgasm. I got like period cramps but very intense..and no period :)


Katie - October 23

I knew a day or two after conception that I was pregnant. My b___st hurt (more than they usually do before my period). I also got an early positive result with a hpt. At about 6 weeks I started getting very sick. I'm 10 weeks now and still very sick. I can't keep anything down.



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