I Was A Slut In High School

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Aprilann Ramirez - November 30

i was a "s___t" in high school and got pregnant with 5 possible fathers. i tested those 5 but they weren't the fathers. i am now 32 and my child is now 15 and i gave up tryin to find the dad but she is starting to ask about it. what do i do. me and her have been doing good for 15 yrs. and i don't know who her dad is. please help!!!


lil - November 30

shouldnt be a s___t then u wouldnt have this problem would u!


jen - December 1

Re: lil...not a very constructive answer, i am sure you have done things in your life that you regret to. to Aprilann: if you have a good relationship with your daughter, be honest with her. You will feel better with it no longer being a secret and she can learn a moral lesson from it to. good luck


Christine - December 1

good answer Jen...just be as honest as possible...people make mistakes..and we learn from them...and hopefully teach them to our children so that they dont do the same thing...good luck


S - December 3

Tell her that he died


kate - December 5

Never call yourself a s___t!S_xually active doesn't mean you're bad..perhaps you didn't get alot of love when you needed it.I don't think you need to tell your daughter there were 5 possibilities..tell here there were 2..one was tested and the other is nowhere to be found.Try to put a positive male role model in her life.


sheila - December 5

Tell her the truth,and don't say that you were a s___t or whoring around. I am 31 and I just found out that my mom as a child 10 years before I was born and she gave it up for adoption. My mom did not tell me, I found out through another person.


Trina - December 6

Everyone does things in the past they are not always pride of but just tell your child the true. U did things in your past that u are not happy with and u are sure who the father is. Maybe they will learn from your mistake and not make the someone. It doesnt make u a bad person because of it. U learn and live. We are all going to make mistakes in life hopefully your kids will learn from them and it will make them a better parent. I am sure u are better than your parents. Just be honset.


m - December 7

Just be open and honest with her. She'll respect you more for it. Tell her you do not know who the father is because you did some things you regret. Who knows, maybe that will be motivation for her to learn from your regrets. Just out of curiosity, do you know FOR CERTAIN those 5 guys aren't the father? This sounds silly I know, but have you seen the Maury Povitch show? He does paternity testing all the time. You may not be willing to go on TV to do this. But if you are, you could always take that route and he'd test those 5 and anyone else you wanted. Good luck!



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