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Melissa - September 20

this show "In the Womb" on the National Geographic channel the other day and it said that if you are pregnant and previously had a boy, you are at a higher risk of miscarriage in the 1st three months...Does anyone get why this would be true?......


Thats weird... - September 20

I had a son in 2004 and I mc may last pregnancy at 12 weeks......strange.....


hmmm - September 20

maybe it has something to do with the male's testosterone????


Jen - September 20

I saw the same show, that statement freaked me out....my first was a boy, 4 years ago, now i'm 22 weeks pg w/ second boy.....I need to ask my doctor about that statement. Wasn't that a neat show...i was glued to it.


rhonda - September 20

after my 2nd boy i had a mc now 20wks with another boy....that show was awsome!!


? - September 20

I didn't see that particular show, but i have heard the statement before. Now i'm not totally sure, but i THINK it has something to do with the baby's blood being transferred into the mother's blood during birth. This is normal and the mother's body gives off certain chemicals so that it usually can't see the foreign blood, which will naturally go away.. sometimes the mother's blood does see it, or it doesn't go away as quickly as it should, if at all, and the mother will create antibodies against it.. they are also looking into this as a cause for certain autoimmune disorders which develope in menopausal women.


jasmine - September 20

Hello, I really want to see this show but I don't have cable. Does anyone know if it is available on DVD/Tape? I keep hearing about this show...anyone know if it is going to be playing again and maybe I can have one of my friends tape it for me.


Jen - September 20

Jasmine, actually that's the 2nd time i've seen that particular special. It's done by National Geographic so maybe you can go to their website and pull it up, it might be on dvd somewhere. It is really interesting, goes all the way thru 9 months, everything the baby is going thru, extremely informative and interesting....good luck


J - September 20

I have a son and did suffer a m/c in Nov. at 8 weeks and am pregnant 37 weeks with another boy. I saw the show also and thought it was interesting.


Amy - September 20

i had my son and 6wks later got pg again and all was well with us :)


tab - September 20

I had my first son and m/c at 6 weeks, had my sec and m/c at 7 weeks. That is weird.


A - September 21

I've had three boys, no known miscarriages. If I have, it was much too early to know.


Julie - September 21

i agree show was AWESOME!! it answered a lot of questions for many people..


Jen - September 21

Guys. I got on nationalgeographic.com and found the program. It looks like the last showing was 9-10. I tried to search to see when it would come on again but couldn't find it. If you go into the "shop" catagory you can buy the DVD it's about $25.00. I think there's also a video you can watch but i'm not set up for it, don't have the right program to run it but some of you might. It's really a great doc_mentary, hope all get to see it.


Jen - September 21

C___p, sorry guys, just found it. It airs again on September 24th at 2:00pm, it didn't give a time zone. Also airs on 9/25 at 4:00 am.



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