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kate - May 5

If i think im pregnant and have missed my period by 4 or 5 days should i test yet or wait even longer?


R - May 5

Go ahead and test...I suggest using EPT preg. tests. You can take it on the first day of your missed period.


tehProgamer - May 5

having a delayed period for 4-5 days doesnt automatically u are pregnant. It can be because of stress, anxiety, or medication. You should at least wait for 1-2 weeks if it is late, that way HCG (pregnancy hormone) will now be running into ur system. anyway, care to shed the details like LMP? last unprotected s_x? cycle length? >_^


Jessie - May 5

I was two weeks prego when I test, the line was faint but it was there. I was so early that my doctor’s urine test came up negative. They did a blood to confirm. SO YES TAKE IT. EPT or first response it really good.


Melanie - May 5

Wait until about a week...thats what i did. and then i showed up positive on the home preg. test. you always want to wait at least a week or so so that you dont waste your money. make sure you buy one of those 'early detection' tests!


kate - May 5

oh yeah first day of last period was march 30 have s_x on april 16 and still ahvent started have been peeing liek every hour for a week and my b___bs hurt like heck have had more symptoms and my face is real oily and .... is that good?


Lynn - May 5

Test test test


tehProgamer - May 5

well u had s_x on the 16th day of ur cycle, if ur cycle is 30 days then he must have hit the very day u were ovulating... anyway, consult your doctor


to tehprogamer - May 5

I don't think that you should be giving out advice.I think that you are already in a world of trouble! Loser


tehProgamer - May 5

hahaha! ok i wont... NOT! hahahah! ^_<


Karen - May 5

You can take a test, there are ones that can test 4 days before period is due EPT. That is the one I used and I used it 2 days after period was due. It was a very strong post_tive. Good Luck.



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