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millie - November 11

hiya i need idea's on names boys or girls as im not sure what im having yet..but if anyone has any idea's or already have kid's will u please share them with me i see alot of names and like them for a while then change my mind but i really should be thinkin about them now..thanks


Amanda N - November 11

Have you went here: That is where I found the name we like for a girl, we had already picked out a boys name.


millie - November 11

yea tried there also nothing takes my fancy...i can think off loads of girls names i like but the boys are so hard to choose from


* - November 11

boys - kobe (pronounced coby), cy (pronounced sy), noah, jackson... those are my fav's ------- girls - shyanne, lucy, elly.... yeah, i know, a little old fashioned, but cute!


Amanda N - November 11

The name we picked for a boy was Jackson. Hadley for a girl.


m - November 11

Hadley... very cute!! Jackson, too. I considered it for my second son, and people kept saying "well, you know they're gonna call him Jack, don't you?" I'd just say, "yeah, that's kindof the appeal!" I think Jack for short is cute.


Amanda N - November 11

Thank you. And Jack is the reason I like Jackson. Jackson sounds good but you can call him Jack for short and I love that!


Kellie - November 12

I have five boys, and their names are Jackson, Connor, Griffin, Finlay and Ellis. Jackson very rarely gets Jack as we always use their full names.


Adrian - November 12

I have a son named Adrian, could be boy or girl and just love it.


babies - November 12

how about for a girl andee, jolie, mckenna, Lauren. Boys ayden, braeden, that is all for now I will come back if I think of more


KM - November 12

we picked, boy- Aaron Michael or Preston Michael girl-Jordyn Leigh


mummy of two?? - November 14

I'm trying for my second child. My son's name is Brady. I really like the names Tarni, Chloe, Zarli, Zoe, Jordan, Abbie for girls or Riley, Ryan, Zac for boys. God help me when I have to actually decide on a name - I like too many. haha. All the best.


Shannon - November 14

Boy- Hayden Payton Xander Asher Girl- Aaralyn Audrey Caleigh Cameran Kennedy


Dez - November 14

I am having a girl and I like Anastacia Jaylene or visa versa I also like Janine and Alina for boy names I like Angelo or Elijah


annonimus - November 15



? - November 15

i need names


Sarah - November 19

My name for a boy was Caleb Michael... and my name for a girl is Hailey Elizabeth.... but now i know its a girl! :o)



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