Ideas On Creative Ways To Tell Dh That We Are Pregnant

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Kristina - April 24

I found out on Friday that I am pregnant. Only 4 weeks. I am going to the DR this coming Friday for a va___al ultrasound. The real ultrasound - to hear the heartbeat - is not until May 11. Any ideas on how to tell DH and make it fun for him?


vanessa - April 24

First things first -- CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! Ok... now... here is what I have thought of doing when the day comes that I can surprise my DH with our first baby. I thought about buying a Father's Day card and having him open it... maybe I would wrap the test up in a little box and give it to him along with the card. If it's near or on his birthday I would give him the test as a gift as well. Maybe you could by a little T-shirt that says something like "I Love My Daddy" and give it to him after dinner... I am just so excited for you!! This is the BEST surprise you will ever give to your hubby! Please let us know how you tell him, ok?? I can't wait to hear the story!


Kristina - April 24

Thanks Vanessa! I am really excited and I hope you get your + very soon! I thought about buying one of the Digital tests that say "pregnant" and using that..... buying a card, like a congrats or "you did it!" card and putting the first ultrasound picture in the card.... then give him the "pregnant" test. What do you think?


Just wondering - April 24

I woud buy a cake and put little pink and blue carriages on top. Congats on your pregnancy!


Misty - April 24

Heard this once and thought it sounded neat. Write on the bathroom mirror, first thing in the morning before he wakes up, "good morning, Daddy!!". :-) He will get up, probably still groggy if he is like my guy, walk into the bathroom and see this sign. Hehe, it will probably take him a moment to realize what it means. Good luck no matter what you decide. And by the way, what does DH stand for? I know it signifies your significant other, but can't figure it out.


leslie - April 24

Misty I think its Darling Husband.. :)


Kristina - April 24

Misty~ Dh stands for "darling husband." :) I found a baseball pacifer online - my DH's favorite team, and I ordered it.... hopefully it will be here by Friday. I was thinking that I would wrap up a book on fatherhood, a digital HPT that says "PREGNANT" and start by handing him the pacifier. Then the book, then showing him the HPT, then for final "proof" the picture of the ultrasound. What do you think about that? When he 1st sees the Baseball pacifier, he will probably think I am just being hopeful and looking for a reason to spend $$$.


Misty - April 25

Sounds like a cute idea. I always wanted to do something like that. But he seems to pay more attention than I do to my cycles. They always came about the same time, but not exact, so I just know about when they would be here. He noticed before I did that it seemed like I was late and I should probably go take a test. :-) No shocking him. :-(



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