If I Didn T Go Already Did It Not Work

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Maddie - June 20

I drank a bottle of castor oil yesterday with oj and have been feeling contractions (sort of cramping) ever since. I'm wondering if I haven't gone into labor since my last dosage (10:30am) then did it now work? 40 wks.5days overdue! =0( My hubby and I had s_x last night, so the semen might help thin me out. What is going on here? My next appt. is Thurs. I can't wait that long.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 20

It didn't work, and proves once again that it's an old wives tale, not a tried and true method. Babies come when they are ready. You can try 101 tricks to start labor, but as you can see, they aren't guaranteed. The contractions you're feeling could just be Braxton Hicks, false labor, or they could even be the very beginnings of labor. If they get more intense & come in regular intervals, then it's time to head to the hospital. Did your doctor schedule an induction date yet? If not, he may just send you to the hospital after your Thursday appointment. The waiting game is torture isn't it? What are you having by the way, girl or boy? I'm a__suming this is your first??? :o)


Maddie - June 20

Tiffani, yeah that's what I thought...the castor oil trick is just another way to torture yourself by hoping that you'll soon be headed to hospital! Anyway...this IS my first...I'm having a boy...Caden is what we're naming him. How about you? Do you know boy or girl? Your first? If not...how was your labor the first time around? Were you ever over due? It's HELL!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 20

What a cute name! I'm actually having my 3rd, we'll find out the s_x in about a month. My first pregnancy, I was overdue, so I know the torture you're going through. The baby is all developed and ready to be born and you're probably really uncomfortable at this point, so it's no wonder you'll try anything. I was induced 4 days after my due date and was in labor for 52 hours befor I have my daughter by C Section. I had a repeat C section with my son, and will be having another one with this baby. Do you have your house in order? All the babies clothes washed and ready? Fridge stocked? Try to find some kind of time consuming task to occupy yourself, otherwise you're gonna go crazy. I'm getting anxious for you. :o)


TK - June 20

stop trying to trick your body into labor - it will happen when you are ready!


Lesley - June 20

I know exactly how it feels being overdue. My 1st pregnancy I was 14 days late. The most they would let you go over. With my 2nd I was 9 days late. And in the summer too. There is nothin worse. But honestly all you can do is wait untill your body is ready. It will happen eventually, and no matter what you will not go more than 2 weeks over. (That is in UK, not sure if America is different)


L - June 20

I was 10 days overdue with my first and castor oil did do the trick, it put me right into labor. But, I WILL NOT DRINK IT AGAIN THIS TIME! I was up all night with you know what and it was awful. By the time I got to the hospital, my contractions lessened somewhat and I ended up having to be induced with pitocin. If I am overdue this time, I think I am going to try to be patient and wait it out. Best to you, your baby will be here before you know it :)


BBK - June 20

Probably not what you want to hear, but a full term pregnancy can be from 38 to 42 weeks....due date is just an estimate based on averages so you're not really overdue. Just hang on a little longer, it will be any day now.


kkb - June 20

I don't see how drinking a bottle of castor oil can be healthy for you or your baby. Did your doctor ok this? I think maybe you need to just wait this one out, obviously your baby is just not ready to be born yet!!!


P - June 20

Boy, you guys are making me feel really guilty... My mother still b___hes at me for being so late. I was supposed to be a Christmas baby but was almost a Valentine's baby instead!! I was the only one of three babies that my mother was very sure of the due date too so she was really p__sed that I wasn't coming out. I asked her if they didn't induce back then. Wrong question. She said "Oh yes, they did. TWICE!!" Oops... :)


monica - June 20

maybe we are all different but I brought on labor with my first by walking really fast and a lot and drinking raspberry tea. Within a day or two I was having contractions. I had my son 1 week early.


Julz - June 20

Yeah, I agree with Monica. A lot of times walking throws women into labor....I mean they suggest it at the hospital. I think I might have suggested this to you before but what worked for me was ma__saging the tendon between my thumb and my forefinger. It releases some sort of endorphin that causes contrctions. I know it sounds silly but try it.


Julz - June 20

Here's a good site for you. http://www.drspock.com/article/0,1510,5329,00.html


Beth - June 20

I read that eating spicy foods puts you into labor. :)


Rachel - June 24

I was 2 weeks late and still had a tiny baby. your body will let you know when it's ready to have the baby. There is no sense in trying to force it. Maybe your due date was off, and then you try to induce, what good will that do you? If it turns in to a problem your doc will take care of it. Until you do have the baby, enjoy one last warm meal with your husband, and go to the movies. God knows it will be awhile before you get to rest again.



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