If I Dont Breastfeed Will I Not Lactate

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l - October 29

I am giving my daughter up for adoption. I would like to br___tfeed her atleast once at the hospital, If i do will I continue to lactate for a while? Or if I do NOT will I stop lactating almost immediately? I really dont know how it works, some insight would be great.


M.A. - October 29

My doctor told me to wear a tight sportsbra all the time to stop the flowing. But I never b___stfed once. I always bottle fed. It stopped after about a month.


jena - October 30

no matter what, your milk will come in. if you don't want to b___stfeed, as M.A. said, you just wear a tight sports bra and it kind of tells your body to get rid of the milk (when milk comes in it's called engorgement and it can be painful/uncomfortable because you get swollen too). if you want to nurse your daughter for the first few days, which I personally think is an awesome idea because you will have colostrum the first few days and that is SO beneficial to newborns, then I would think that after you are finished nursing, you would go the sports bra route and soon enough your body will take the hint and stop producing milk. hope that helps!


Jamie - October 31

A possible suggestion...do you know who is adopting your baby? Does the mom want to b___stfeed? There's a product, called Lact-aid, I think, that is a supplemental b___stfeeding system that helps women start to lactate, through the natural nipple stimulation of a baby nursing. (just search for Lact-aid on google, it'll come up with the product page and explain better than I can) - anyway, you could pump for a few days, and let the adoptive mom use the product with your milk to help stimulate her own milk; when she starts to lactate on her own, you could stop pumping and let your supply dry up, so the baby could be 100% b___stfed.


D - October 31

They can give you a shot to dry your milk up.



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