If My BF Is Willing 2 Put His Name On The B Certif BUT

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gram2b - May 1

My daughter, age 18, is with a great guy and they are going to get married someday. She is due June 23rd. They are not totally sure he is the father, (although it makes no diff. to either one) but he really wants to be put on the B. Certif. and she really wants him to be. Would the boyfriend be legally obligated for support? Can she still stay on my insurance? (she lives w/me.) I have way better insurance than him. However, I might add he will do EVERYTHING he can financally, emotionally, etc. Should she just keep him off the B.C. for now, 'till my insurance pays for everything (birth bill, etc.)??? thank u so much for advise!


ladyZ07 - May 1

legally i think he can put his name on the birth certificate. i kno two people that have had that done. both fathers KNEW they were the biological father but still have their names on a piece of paper making them the father. like that saying goes, it doesnt take a man to MAKE a baby, but it does take a man to RAISE that baby.


mjvdec01 - May 1

I would call your insurance company and ask. There should be a phone number on your card. They can let you know if she can remain on your insurance even if she is married. What I would do is keep her on your whatever it takes and put the baby on too, just have the father pay the difference if it isn't paid 100% by your employer. Otherwise, your daughter would be covered by you and the baby would be covered by the state, which sucks. The baby would have to go to one of those clinics and for the most part they are horrible. If that were to happen and the baby were to get sick, I would skip the clinic and go to your local children's hospital instead. My nephew is covered by the state and his care has been awful. My brother never takes him to the clinic anymore. At children's hospital he gets the best care available and they take her concerns seriously. Personally we have great insurance and because of that she has the best care available. It must be hard on you to have a daughter so young having a baby. I wish you and your family the best of health.


mjvdec01 - May 1

should read... "...and because of that our daughter has the..."


sterlinberlin05 - May 4

Well I was 18 when I had my son. We were living with my parents and I was on my parents insurance so my delivery and everything was covered. But my son was not considered their dependant so he wasn't covered. Our hospital here has financial counselors so one came in and filled paper work out with us for medicaid for my son. They back payed all the bills from when I delivered. Once my husband and I got married I was no longer on my parents insurance. My husband doesn't have benifits so my son is stilled covered by the state. He doesn't have to go to certain clinics like mjvdec01 said her nephew does but all states are different. During my pregnancies though I am also temporarily covered by the state and I love it because I pay NOTHING. I still see whatever doctors I want and go where ever I like as long as they accept that insurance. About the birth certificate, he will not be obligated to pay support unless your daughter files for it. You have to sign up to recieve child support. Also just my opinion, I think they need to do a paternity test whether it matters or not becuase I've seen my friend get in arguments with her bf who wanted to be the father but wasn't 100% sure and the first words out of his mouth was always I don't know if he's even mine. Plus trust me if he knows for sure he will be able to bond with that baby that much more. If not he sounds like he'll love him all the same. Sorry this was so long, hope it helped.


Teddyfinch - May 5

i think a lot of insurance companies stop covering dependents when they get married. and she can have whomever she likes on the b.cert. but i would call your insurance company and let them know what is going to happen in the future and ask if your daughter's covered and stuff like that.



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