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IRRITATED - December 7

NOW, a couple of days ago me and my man had unprotected s_x, and he came in me. Now, yesterday he also did the same thing, and came in me. SO why when I took a pregnancy test both came out negative. And last month on Nov. 2nd I took a ultrasound for something different, and the tech wanted me to get a blood test because she wanted to make sure that the heartbeats she was hearing was a baby because that wasn't mines in my stomach(lol). SO, y are my preg. tests coming out negative. Can somebody help me out. Input your reponses PLEASE!!!


? - December 7

I dont understand you, okay u say u had unprotected s_x right and ur wondering y ur test came out negative? Well it depends how long u waited after having s_x that u took the pregnancy test. Did u wait til u had a missed period to take it? or have u even missed ur period? Anyways another thing u mentioned was that a month ago u had an ultrasound done and docs wanted u to get a blood test done to see if the heart beat they were was that of a baby's,,so did u get that blood test done?? and what did say???


desire - December 7

well I didn't want to take a blood test, and I been trying to get there, but I get off of work late. But I'm going to go. But I been having the symptoms of pregnancy, but I took several tests since last month and they all been coming out negative EXCEPT one came out positive last month. SO when I took it again, It said not its negative. And also I look bloated like I'm getting a pouch, but I dont know what it could be now since most of my preg. tests are coming out NEGATIVE!!!


Christine - December 8

Quite honestly if you had a sono tech telling you she/he heard a baby's heartbeat, then you are pregnant...or were...you need to take the time and get followed up on this...what you and your man did this month has nothing to do with last months sonogram...your post is some confusing...good luck with your venture


deelevi - November 29

im on maternity leave now..had my baby son on 4th of july this year...and now i found out im pregnant agian...im due to go back to work in march..but what will my boss say...



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