If You Got Pregnant While On The Pill Can You Answer

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Marsha - March 8

For anyone who GOT pregnant while on the pill, were your first signs different than people who did not? As you were prob. still on the pill while pregnant, did it change anything for you in terms of continuing to have your period, ect...? Also, can it hurt the baby to accidentally take the pill while pregnant?


Candace - March 8

The only question that I can answer is if the pill can hurt the baby. I just talked to my doctor about it because I may be pregnant and still on the pill because we don't know for sure yet and she said that it won't hurt the baby to take it for a couple weeks yet because lots of people don't know that they are pregnant for a couple months and still take the pill and their babies are fine.


tara - March 8

Getting pregnant on the pill can be different in that you may still get your period for a couple of months and therefore not know that you are pregnant. But some women stop getting their periods, so it's different for each individual. If you think you are pregnant you should stop taking the pill untill you find out for sure as it is not clear of what the effects of the pill are on a baby; it varies with each pregnancy and each pill. If you think you are more than 2-3 weeks along you should do a test; tests usually work after the 4th week.


Marsha - March 8

Thanks, y'all. I don't have any real indication that I could be pregnant, except for just a "feeling." I've been super emotional lately, and very tired. My b___sts don't really hurt, but its like I can "feel" them...I know that sounds wierd. Anyway, I was on antibiotics about 3 weeks ago and my husband and I had s_x...I forgot that antibiotics make the pill not work...but I had a period after I took the medicine, so I didn't think I was then. I'm just trying to get as much information as I can just in case. THANKS.



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