If You Think Your Pregnant Take A Test

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Kalli - May 18

Not to be mean but if your period is late you should take a test instead of asking strangers for their opinons. Fork over the ten bucks and find out. If your period is late then yes you could be pregnant! Someone had to say it


P - May 18

Hallelujah!!! And yes, if you had s_x, you COULD be pregnant!! The likelyhood varies by type of birth control used but YES you COULD be!!!! ARGGGH!!! Thank you Kalli. lol


leslie - May 18

PLEASE PLEASE Kalli don't give them the pleasure to let them or her stress you...I know they get on my nerves too!! and i know its not serious people asking this at least once a day!! They just want us to react and give them the attention that they want...we should try to ignore the same way we have been doing..they will eventually give up...there is hope :)


omg - May 18

so many hormonal woman these past few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lyn - May 18

you don't even have to spend $10 at walmart you can get two for $6. i took one then a week later, just for the fun of it took the other one. hey i paid for two might as well make sure.


Kaz - May 18

Cheers to Kalli ! Brilliant idea. How about buy your own supply of condoms.


? - May 19

LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! you are not the question godess! i understand that it is frusterating to hear that question so much, but some women may feel more comfortable talking to women about what they are going through, because they know how they feel. many women are ttc, and may just need rea__surance that they are not alone! when are you women going to learn that everyone is ent_tled to ask what they want, if you dont like it...then leave, otherwise relax! it isnt the end of the world! what has gotten into everyone lately? i am no longer coming to the site due to so many b___hy, and judgemental women! so thanks for ruining it for those of us who were here asking valid and concerned questions...i hope that you teach your children to embrase all with loving kindness, but it might be hard to since you women who b___h so much about everyone else, obviously dont know how to be caring, and compasionate! good luck!


J - May 19

Many women don't get a posotive test result right away so they want to know about other people's experiences. I dont think that there are too many people that don't know enough to take a test. I wish that people would just skip questions that they think are a waste of their time.


exactely ! - May 19

No one woke u up this morning begging u or pointing a gun on ur skull to come on here to read questions that annoy u ! so if u don't like them , well find urself something u enjoy doing ! Ok ?


Kaz - May 19

Hey ?, I just re-read the posts here and you come across as the most stressed out. Maybe you've just come from reading a b___hy thread and thought we here are of the same mindset. Yes I'm sure we are all capable of teaching our children compa__sion for others and to not judge. Equally as important is educating them about STD's and Birth Control. I think that's what our 'b___h' is really about.


Well Golly Gee Whiz.... - May 19

Damn! You just made it TOTALLY unecessary for any woman who has a pending pg question to post on this mssg board. Congratulations! I am sure no woman who THINKS she might be pg has even THOUGHT to take a test. Get a clue - this board is for women with questions, and if you think any of them are stupid then maybe you need to re-think your judgemental att_tude and stop reading the ones that might give you a hint that the woman asking the question MIGHT be asking for others opinions about her symptoms during the two-week waiting period from 'Hell'!!!!!


D - May 19

LOL!!! She said if your period is late, take a test! She didn't say if you are waiting for your period to be late!!! She makes a valid point! I think it's totally amazing how out of touch some women are with their bodies and their cycles. I understand if you have a question it's just that some questions seem to have pretty obvious answers and YES I do skip them but I've seen a question bumped several times after no response!


Golly Gee Whiz - May 19

Most women who ask questions about symptoms (on this board) are waiting for af. The ones who are late, usually DO state that they've taken a test or test(s) but still have symptoms. I guess by then they should go to the doctor, yeah.....BUT it is still 'Ok' for them to ask others for their opinions and experiences in such a matter.


K - May 19

I couldn't agree with you more Kalli!!!


whew - May 19

pipe down kallie! valid point maybe, but good grief, if you don't like that question in particular, you better find you a nascar msg board or something. because this one is for PREGNANCY RELATED QUESTIONS.... and sometimes other things - no matter how much they p__s off the almighty kalli!


L - May 19

Hey Kalli - join us on the "vent out for preggers" thread. Your b___hing will be accepted over there:) That's where we all b___h - so those of you who don't like the b___hing just stay away!


monica - May 19

THANK YOU Kalli!!!! I agree with you plus if you dont have $10 the dollar store has them for $1 and from what I hear they work.



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