If You Were On Clomid

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snickelfritz - May 9

How did you end up on it? I am on my third of what seems to be anovulatory SHORT cycles. I see an RE in a week or so. I'm hoping he'll put me on Clomid since we have a 2 month window to ttc and I have NO TIME TO WASTE! But now I'm afraid that he'll want to run tests before starting me on Clomid. I'm trying to get as many experiences here as possible. TIA


soimpatient - May 9

I am not (yet) on Clomid but I am in the process of getting a prescription... and I'm afraid to report that my doctor does insist on doing tests. I had to do two blood tests one in my follicular phase and one in the leutal phase...once I got the results my doc. said that my DH had to go in for a sperm a___lysis. I have to wait 3 weeks and then when we get the results of that test my doc will give me my prescription. It is a lengthy process but I guess the doctors have to make sure that they are not prescribing in unnecessarily. I wish I had better news for you! Good luck.


Rans - May 9

Hi there. I did take clomid on and off for just over 5 years. I as well as my husband both had to go through various testing prior to having the clomid prescribed. Something else to keep in mind is that I was started out in a very low dose (50mg) and it took a long time to work up to the dose - I would take that dose, go for blood work, have to drive to the closest large city near me (5hours away) after every cycle of clomid and he would do a pregnancy test etc prior to giving me the next dose - often it would be the same dose prescribed. It took years for us to get up to the 200mg dose that I got pregnant on. I actually got pregnant on my second cycle of the 200mg. My fert specialist said that they normally don't give that high a dose but because I had to travel so far to see him, he would try it. Low and behold it worked. When I say it took us years, that doesn't mean it will take you that long, I have alot of respitory issues and during the winter I really suffer with a lot of sickness so during the winters when I was sick, we wouldn't even try most of the winter. Hang in there, it does work! GOOD LUCK


Twinmom2be - May 9

I just told my dr that I had a short lutal phase and that I had been charting to confirm ovulation. He wrote me a script and that was it. He asked for my charts but I did not have them with me. I faxed them to him later. I guess every dr is different. Good luck.


Trish# - May 9

I didn't have a period for 4 months after coming off the pill (for 8 years straight). I booked an appt w/ my OB/GYN and he first prescribed me Provera. It induces your period. Well, I got my period but no BFP and my next period never came! So at CD 48 or so I started Provera again (it gives you a fresh start...is best to take clomid after you start your period) and then Clomid on CD2-6. I too started out at 50mg and would get my progesterone levels checked on CD21 to see if I ovulated. I worked my way up to 150 mg and never even ovulated. After 6 cycles on Clomid (they say if no success after 6 cycles it's time to move on), I was referred to an RE. They were somewhat displeased that my OB went that route w/o better monitoring. Most dr's will not readily hand out Clomid, either. I can almost guarantee you that your RE will want to run some tests before starting any sort of treatment. This can be done on your first visit, though, so it shouldn't waste any time. I got pregnant w/ my RE after 3 cycles, and it took injections to do the trick. FYI, 50mg of Clomid works for some people first-go, but that is the exception and not the rule, it seems. Best of luck!!


snickelfritz - May 10

Thanks ladies. Hopefully my RE will be aggressive with this since I only have two months! If I don't get pg in those two months, I won't be able to have an RE at all and I REALLY need one!



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