Im 15 Days Late Could I Be Pregnant

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WorriedGirl - December 11

I am 22 years old and married. We have been trying to conceive since last year. I have never been this late (15 days). This is my first time and I thought I was pregnant. But I just had a home pregnancy test and it is very frustrating when the result is negative. I am thinking of calling our doctor to examine my "Thyroid" since thyroid problems can also cause missing period. Do you think I should have a pregnancy urine or blood test first just to make sure?


Gina - December 11

you might be pregnant. If I were you I would have a blood test first to find out if you are really pregnant or not because having a thyroid check up might involved xray around the neck which I believe harmful to pregnant women. Are you having pregnancy symptoms?


WorriedGirl - December 12

Okay thanks Gina. No I don't have symptoms except missing my period, dizziness at times, nausea but I had nausea problems before and I was not pregnant, head aches when I do lots of bending work, and gas. I want to have a blood test but I think it's too early, what do you think?


E - December 12

Worried girl, please see my thread about negative tests and missed periods under "pregnancy signs". This may help you.


Heidi - December 12

If you've had problems with starting your period late in the past, then it could in deed be a thyroid malfunction. However, you can not count completely on the home pregnancy test being accurate 100%. It is a good idea to have your OB/GYN to send you for the HCG screen of your blood. If you express concern to your doctor, It may be possible at that time to have your thyroid tested also.


WorriedGirl - December 13

Thank you E and Heidi for your input. I am calling my doctor today to schedule an appointment for my blood test. Wish me luck!


WorriedGirl - December 14

Got another negative result today :( but will see my doctor tomorrow for a blood test.


Amy - December 14

15 days and no period, I can see why you'd be anxcious! I think doctor is your best bet! There are many reasons which could lead to missed periods, so even if your not pregnant (and i really hope you are) it's best to make sure everythings ok. If you are trying to get pregnant and are still unsucsessful after a year or two, I would consider you and your husband do some tests to make your there's nothing getting in your way. Good luck WorriedGirl. x



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