Im A Little Curious

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CuriousLady - September 9

Alright, First of all, i want to say that i am not STRESSING. I just would like to know and hear some opinions out there. I would believe that my chances are slim but who knows. Alright, hear is my story. I was having s_x in the month of August... From the 15TH to the 7Th. I was not having s_x every day threwout those days but most of them. There where times that my Hubie would stick it in, and do it quick and then pull out. Sort of like teasing( Sory for the grusum detail). I got my period when it was expected but i have actually been feeling a little weird( Might just be all in my head). However, i had s_x with him, after my period( i started my period on the 27Th and ended a couple days latter)... but when he pulled out, i noticed that i was bleeding a little bit. He asked me why and did it hurt but i was clueless. I was thinking that maybe his p__s hit my insdies wrong and just made me bleed a little but i herd that also happens in pregnancy's as well( which i thought would happen later on in pregnancy not just a couple weeks). I really wouldn't think that i would be preg. But as you know, when having s_x, there is always a good possibility that pregnancy will occur. I have drank a couple drinks and thought about it over and just realized that maybe i could be pregnant SO i have stopped that as well.What do you think my chances are that i would be preg? Wouldn't you think that if i was, that i would of skipped my period? Like i said, i am not really concerned but just a little bit curious. Thanks.. Also, when i received my period, i wouldnt say that everything was normal nor abnormal, i really wasnt pay attetion to my period flow at that time. Thankx for the support.


anyone - September 9

Can any one answer to my post?


Lisa*9 - September 9

Maybe you can go to a dollar tree store and buy a hpt and take it first thing in the morningwith you morning urine sample. Hope this helps


curiouslady - September 12

Yea i could go to the dollar tree store but first, id wait and see if my period for the month of Sep is missed. What do you all think my chances are that i am preg? Wouldnt you think that if i was, that i would of skiped my period?


geri - September 12

wow..ok...first of all...light drinking during pregnancy (two or three gla__ses a wk) will not hurt the long as it is not all at the same time..and even if you do get drunk before you know you are pregnant..i still think the baby will be fine..and bleeding during s_x usually occurs when you have placenta previa later in the pregnancy...or sometimes during week three when the baby attaches to the uterus (about one wk after conception) could have been pregnant and miscarried..(in that case you would have never known) but try taking a test...not sure what to tell you...just don't get drunk again until you know for sure..the bleeding may be "left over period junk" (that is what i call it...) that surprises you during s_x sometimes a few days after your period ends


curiouslady - September 12

Alright, thank you so much for your response Geri. I also want to tell you that since the month of May, i started having blood clots in my periods. I asked the dr and they said that everything witth that is normal. Well, the period that i just had in the month of August, i had one blood clot and from then, i dont remember even bleeding that much any more but like i said, i cant tell if my period was abnomral or normal. I just wonder thats all. If anything else does come up with my health, as for diff. symtoms, i will wait until my period is due and take a preg test. Thankx for all the support


Angel - September 12

I have a question My period was due august 26 my most fertile day was september 11th but my period was a week late I had it sept 3rd making my most fertile day now sept 16th but is there a chance I could have been fertile still on the 11th?



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