Im A Virgin Can I Get Pregnant

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TrIxXxY - April 28

ok i was with this guy i've been messing around with for while. he started fingering me and he TRIED to stick in his p__s, but only succeeded for 3 seconds! I pulled it out before he tried going further. he was rubbing his p__s against my va___a, and what not. but i didnt feel any fluid other than MINE! so my question is, is there a possibility i can STILL get pregnant? since my period is VERY irregular, there is no way of telling when im going to get it... so..... wtf? what is there to do? and how long should i wait to take a pregnancy test?


lovemy3 - April 28

Hi there, If his p___s did indeed go inside your v____a you in deed could be pregnant. UNLIKELY, since you say he did not ejaculate but still possible. If you have not gotten a period in 1 month from now I would see a dr who can order bloodwork and tell for sure either way. Until you do get your period you need to be careful of anything you eat and drink I.E alcohol because you won't know for sure. Bloodwork is the definative test. With each of my pregnancies I never showed a positive urine test until day 40 and my cycle is every 28 days. Good luck with everything.


skinnyminny - April 28

technically, although unlikely, even coming in contact with the outside of your v____a could lead to pregnancy. You know, with sperm being able to travel and all. But i wouldn't sweat that too much. Just don't do it anymore. It isn't worth the risk, or even the anxiety of waiting. S_xual activity is better when you don't have unnessesary worries.


TrIxXxY - April 28

well ii kn0w the c0nsequencez.. iim a VERY precautii0z pers0n.. ii KN0W ab0ut STDz .. HIV.. AIDS etc; ii kn0w what ii need t0 kn0w.. but ii diidnt kn0w he was g0iing t0 d0 what he diid... ii waz the 0ne wh0 waz tryiing t0 pull hiim away fr0m my sn0otchiie.. s0 iitz n0t liike ii was caught up.. iim n0t THAT stupiid..


skinnyminny - April 29

okay, but why should you have to pull him off of you. Why would you get intimate with someone who doesn't respect that you don't want him to penetrate you? Or mayeb you didnt tell him that. either way you either need to A) set ground rules, be open and talk to him or B) find someone who knows not to cross the line.



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